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Nicki Minaj to ‘Pink Friday Radio’ Hosts: ‘You guys are freakin’ hilarious and insane!’

Christmas came a little late to Nicki’s Latin Barb—four days late, to be precise—but when it finally arrived, it was no doubt the best one ever.

That’s because Nicki Minaj herself called in to congratulate the host of Pink Friday Radio, and her co-host, Luscious Barb, on doing a bang-up job on the fan front.

CAPTION: Nicki: The secret's out—this hip-hop queen's a huge fan of her BlogTalkRadio fan show.

Nicki: The secret's out—this diva's a big fan of her BlogTalkRadio fan show.

It all started Wednesday night, as Latin Barb and Luscious Barb (so named as Team Minaj fans, who are known as Barbies), kicked off their 90-minute special during which fellow Nicki fans were asked to call in with their Top 3 Most Memorable Nicki Minaj Moments of 2010.

Then, with on only seven minutes left in the show, the red-hot hip-hop star dialed in and said, “Hey, you guys. Wassup, y’all?”

To which an astonished Latin Barb replied, “Oh my God! What a surprise! I’m gonna cry.”

Moments later, Nicki asked our hosts’ names and ages. “I’m 17,” said Latin Barb.” “And I’m 19,” said Continue reading

Programming Highlights; June 24, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:

gil-birmingham1On demand Gil Birmingham, who plays wheelchair-bound Billy Black in Twilight, is one spiritual guy. “The soul and essence of an individual isn’t determined by just their physicality,” he says to Artists on Demand—but adds, “Being in a wheelchair is a lot more comfortable than actually having to stand around for 12 hours.”

musiq-soulchildAt 1 PM Host Cyrus Webb grooves with R&B star Musiq Soulchild, whose 2002 album, Juslisen, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts and went platinum, yielding the singles Halfcrazy and Dontchange. The 11-time Grammy nominee will fill us in on his upcoming projects.

queen-harrisonAt 7 PM Get Up Show host Chris LaMonica mixes it up with Queen Harrison, the NCAA champion hurdler from Virginia Tech who competed in the 2008 Summer Olyimpics in Beijng. Queen will fill us in on what’s coming up next in her stellar track career.

gloria-hendry2At 8 PM Gloria Hendry—who, long before Halle Berry mixed it up with Pierce Brosnan—made history as the first-ever African American female lead in a James Bond flick—drops in on Four Aces Network to look back at her film career, which included starring in Black Caesar and Savage Sisters.

talib-kweliAt 9 PM Host Tazz Daddy kicks it with rapper Talib Kweli, who put in a guest performance on the Kanye West single Get ‘Em High—and on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show, with pal Mos Def. Talib will talk about rap diva Nicki Minaj, what he can’t stand about his fans and more.

charles-keating1At 11 PM Host Silas Kain gets up close and personal with Emmy winner Charles Keating, who’s perhaps best known for playing Carl Hutchins on Another World, while also gracing such soaps as Port Charles and All My Children—not to mention Broadway and the West End.

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