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Nichelle Nichols of ‘Star Trek,’ Comedian Mark Curry, and Psychic Lisa Williams Today on BlogTalkRadio

nichelle-nicholsNichelle Nichols: The actress who played Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek series—a role in which she made history as TV’s first-ever black female military officer—drops in on Think Like a Black Belt host Jim Bouchard to enlist support for Japan earthquake relief efforts, and fill us in on her one-woman show.

mark-curry5Mark Curry: The funnyman riffs on Kirstie Alley competing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. “Throw that big booty, girl!” he advises the Cheers star during his chat with Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone—before boasting that, “If I ever appear on the show, I would win it.”

lisa-williams6Lisa Williams: Joseph Tittel once again welcomes BTR’s favorite psychic, Lisa Williams, bestselling author of Life Among the Dead and star of the Lifetime show of the same name. Lisa will fill us in on her upcoming audio CD and her latest book, Survival of the Soul.

nico-tortorellaNico Tortorella: The actor who plays Razor on the ABC Family series Make It or Break It, and previousy appeared on The CW’s The Beautiful Life, stops by Artists on Demand to chat with host Lisa Becker about his role opposite Anna Paquin, Hayden Panettiere and Alison Brie in Scream 4.

john-flemingJohn Fleming: The US Congressman from Louisiana’s 4th district who, after earning his medical degree, practiced at the Naval Regional Medical Center at Camp Pendleton, sits down with Everyday RADIO to discuss repealing Obamacare, and the constitutionality of using force in Libya.

joe-hadenJoe Haden: The NFL cornerback, who played for the Florida Gators under coach Urban Meyer before being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in Round 1 of the 2010 draft, drops in on the Bottom Line Sports Show to chat with hosts Gerald Brown and Jonathan Foy the about the upcoming gridiron season.

andrew-weisbulmAndrew Weisblum: The Hollywood editor who helped assemble such hits as School of Rock, The Wrestler and Chicago for the silver screen, sits down with 123 Film! host Sam Heer to discuss his work on Black Swan, for which star Natalie Portman snagged a Best Actress Oscar.

Sara Paxton: Just Say Nico Tortorella and I Are ‘Super-close Friends’

She may be the next Daryl Hannah, but Sara Paxton doesn’t quite yet have a handle on how to put the media off the scent of her romantic exploits.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, the 21-year-old actress – who made a splash as a mermaid opposite Emma Roberts in the 2006 flick Aquamarine – gets flustered when the subject of Nico Tortorella comes up.

CAPTION: "I've never really experienced this before," Sara (above, with Nico) tells us of being thisclose with certain castmembers.

"I've never really experienced this before," Sara (above, with Nico) tells us of being thisclose with certain castmembers.

And who might Nico be?

One of her three hunky co-stars in the upcoming CW series The Beautiful Life.

“I found out that you have a piece of man candy. His name is Nico,” says host Zachary Sang, referring to a June 4 JustJaredJr.com report that, the evening before in Hollywood, “the darling duo were spotted holding hands, but once the cameras were spotted, they let go.”

Sara’s response?

“Ahm… well… you knowww… We – everyone on the show, all the cast members, have become really, really close,” she says.

“We all went on vacation together – to Miami. We do everything together. So, I mean, we’re all just really close,” she continues.

“I’m looking at pictures right now: Hands caressing each other. Was he helping you cross the street?” asks Zach.

“Just, like, say ‘super-close friends,'” suggests Sara.

CAPTION: As Aquamarine in the hit flick of the same name

As Aquamarine in the hit flick of the same name.

Later in the show, she offers a little insight into her inability to improv.

“I’m the queen of talking to myself. I’ll be in the shower and I’ll have full conversations with myself,” says Sara.

“Like the things that you wish you could say to people. I like to talk the talk, but when I get into a real situation, I’ll be a little coward and back down and I won’t stand up for myself.

“So you’re in the shower and you’re like, ‘What, punk? You lookin’ at me? You givin’ me the eye. You starin’ me down?’

“That’s how I wish I could be.”

The Beautiful Life, which is executive produced by Ashton Kutcher, debuts September 16.

To hear Sarah’s full interview, click here.