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You Read About O.J.’s Drug ‘Problem’ in Page Six, Now Read the ‘Director’s Cut’

O.J. Simpson’s longtime promoter – and BlogTalkRadio’s newest host – Norman Pardo shares just one snippet from his trove of never-before-seen O.J. tapes with the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column today.

In that tidbit, the former NFL MVP recounts how would-be drug dealers at South Beach nightclubs in Miami are always trying to force drugs on him. (Read the item here.)

But that’s just the beginning. Here’s what else O.J. – who goes on trial today in Las Vegas on kidnapping and armed-robbery charges – had to say in that interview:

“[One] night, it was just pervasive. [So] you take it, put it in your pocket, drive home. Next day, I wake up and look over next to my bed. I had two things I assume were ecstasy pills, a couple of things I assume were cocaine, and one little package of pot. All of them had phone numbers on them. All I could think was, If I got stopped by the cops drivin’ home and told them I didn’t know that was in my pocket, who’s gonna believe that? Only way to avoid it is I don’t go to South Beach anymore!”

Will he beat the rap again?

O.J. Simpson: Will he beat the rap again?

Norm, who shot 70 hours of behind-the-scenes O.J. footage while promoting the gridiron great from 2001 onward, plans to unspool this and other gems on his new show, Court of Public Opinion, which debuts tonight at 9 p.m. ET on BlogTalkRadio and runs throughout the Vegas trial.

The hour-long program will also feature anecdotes from Norm, who sat side by side with O.J. as he rode in parades, cut grand-opening ribbons, headlined at nightclubs, appeared on live radio shows and signed sports memorabilia in cities throughout America.

“For every person I met in those travels who loathed O.J., there was at least one who loved him,” Norm tells us. “Anyone who’s passionate about this man is invited to call in and ask me most any conceivable question about him.”

Guest commentators on the show will include celebrities and legal experts, including Craig Brand, O.J.’s attorney in the NFL MVP’s 2001 Miami road-rage trial case.

So if you’ve got any opinion whatsoever on O.J. (and we know you do), you’ll want to be front and center for this exclusive look into the mind of the world’s most infamous celebrity!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to cast your “innocent” or “guilty” vote here.