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Nadia Bjorlin: I Want to Be Crystal Chappell’s Special Lady (on ‘Venice’)

If Nadia Bjorlin‘s behavior on BlogTalkRadio is any indication of how Venice the Series will play out this season, you’d be well-advised to ready a cold shower.

Chatting on the companion podcast to the online drama—which TV Guide has called “2009’s Best Web Soap”—the sultry bombshell gets frisky with co-star Crystal Chappell.

CAPTION: "It's my favorite thing in the world," Nadia (above) says of hanging out at gay bars.

"It's my favorite thing in the world," Nadia (above) says of hanging out at gay bars.

“I think it’s going to be Gina yearning for a very special love, and I think that the audience will be very happy with what happens,” says Crystal of her own character while previewing the series’ upcoming second season, which wrapped Sunday.

That’s when Nadia, who plays children’s book author Lara, bursts in with, “I’ll show you some special love baby. Can I please! I know it doesn’t make sense in the story, but let me show you some special love.”

Later in the show, Nadia reveals that Continue reading

Crystal Chappell Dishes New ‘Venice’ Storyline: Jessica Leccia and Nadia Bjorlin Have a ‘Beautiful Love Scene’

It’s coming back—the series TV Guide called “2009’s Best Web Soap”— and BlogTalkRadio is proud to be the home of its official podcast.

Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia, who played Olivia and Natalia on The Guiding Light—which CBS axed in 2009 after a record-setting 72-year run—returned to the soap realm last year with Venice the Series, playing same-sex couple Gina and Ani.

Jessica (left) with Nadia: Soon to be entangled.

Jessica (left) with Nadia: Soon to be entangled.

Now Crystal—who recently reprised her role as Dr. Carly Manning on NBC’s Days of Our Lives—is readying Season 2 of Venice, which she and Jess dish about on their companion BTR show this week.

And who might be acting as guest host for that hot confab? Why, it’s the ladies’ former TGL co-star, Continue reading