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BlogTalkRadio, The Citizen Broadcast Network

We launched BlogTalkRadio just over one year ago and we have been thrilled with our progress. In July 2006, Mike Arrington’s Techcrunch wrote;

“Will a significant number of text bloggers want to go live by voice through a service like this? I’m not sure they will, but if they do BlogTalkRadio looks like a good service. It’s certainly trying to cross some barriers into easy multi-media self production – and make it live. In cases where the two media are integrated well this could be very cool.”

In a little more than one year, we have broadcast 34,000 segments produced by thousands of hosts/publishers. BlogTalkRadio, the Citizen Broadcast Network has accumulated some of the best content on the web or off. Notable guests have included John McCain, Oliver Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Wesley Clark, Brian DePalma, Robert Scoble, Omar Minaya, etc. The list goes on and on.

Later this month, in a beta test, we will begin monetizing our platform by inserting audio ads into the archived broadcasts. We will also be serving our own banner ads. We will release details later this week, on how, what, when and where.

With thousands of active hosts, close to 250 new live shows produced each day, there are plenty of advertising opportunities on the network. Check out our popular shows, our featured shows and our robust category listings. Anyone interesting is learning more about advertising on our network or seeking sponsorship opportunities please contact advertising@blogtalkradio.com.

We welcome everyone to join the conversation.