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10 Marketing Tips from Top BlogTalkRadio Hosts

We surveyed 200 hosts that are generating the most listens on the network to find out how they’re marketing their shows. We’re passing these tips on to you in case you are looking for proven techniques for increasing your listener base for your podcast.

Here are the top 10 tips we received from our hosts:

  1. Social Media Marketing is key! Almost 100% of the hosts surveyed are using Facebook, Twitter and more to market their shows.
  2. Develop a regular email newsletter. This can be an ideal vehicle to promote your show.
  3. Take advantage of the BTR Portable Player, post it to your blog, website and social networking profiles.
  4. Always create a unique, SEO-optimized show description. (Don’t use the same description for every episode.)
  5. Encourage word of mouth. Ask your friends, colleagues, family and current listeners to help you spread the word about your show.
  6. Participate in online forums, groups, message boards, and communities where people who might be interested in your show congregate.
  7. Put out press releases regarding your top shows.
  8. If you don’t already have one, start a blog and write about topics that are complementary to your show. This can provide another great online platform for promoting your show.
  9. Connect with other hosts within the BTR host community. There are a lot of experienced hosts out there that are open to sharing their best practices with others.
  10. Make guest appearances on other BTR shows.

Be sure to follow BlogTalkRadio University program Marketing Club and listen to archived episodes for more marketing tips.

Part Three: Using Social Media to Promote Your Show, Cinch

hosttip-of-the-week1We’ve covered how to use some of the most popular tools online to aid promotion of your BlogTalkRadio show. Now, let’s turn to Cinch, a free service available from BlogTalkRadio, which uses audio recording and sharing technologies to get the word out online.

How does Cinch work?
With Cinch you can easily create and share audio, text and photo updates using your phone or computer. Cinch’s tools enable users to capture and report on the go, and add new dimensions to the usual text updates online. These updates can then be shared across the web, through Facebook, Twitter, CinchCast.com and more.

Below are some helpful tips on how to use Cinch to promote your online radio show:

TIP 1: Use Cinch for Advanced Promotion
Use Cinch to tell your listeners, veteran and prospective, about your next show by creating audio cinches and automatically pushing them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This streamlined process will take a few steps out of your promotional efforts.

You can easily share a short audio clip telling your fans about an upcoming guest, previewing what topics you will cover in your next broadcast, or other highlights that might entice them to participate. Audio cinches give your promotional messages a personal touch, and will draw in listeners. With your cinch promotion you can include text with show details and a photo of your guest or show logo.

The added benefit of Cinch is that you can also share your cinches on your website or blog using a simple embed code or by creating a custom cinch player in the Cinch Toolbox.

TIP 2: Use Cinch to Promote Past Shows
Many listeners on BlogTalkRadio consume content on demand rather than live, so promoting your show after it has aired is just as important as promoting beforehand. Use Cinch to leave a short audio message about your last show, or re-promote one of your favorite past interviews.

TIP 3: Enlist a Cinching Army
Cinches spread fast! Use Cinch to take advantage of the tried and true “word of mouth” method of promotion. Enlist your friends and family to share your cinches, and if so inclined, to record and share their own Cinch messages about your show onto their blogs and websites. So things go smoothly, approach family members and pals who have already embraced social networking first.

Using Cinch can increase the depth and versatility of your promotional efforts. With its ease of use, an automatic push to Twitter and Facebook, and its fast growing community, Cinch has proven an effective tool for reaching out, and bringing people back to your show time and time again.

We would love to hear your social media marketing ideas. Please share them in the comments below. Read our previous posts here.

New Feature: Add a Toll-Free Listener Line to Your Show

premiumservices_screenshot2We launched an exciting new feature for hosts today on BlogTalkRadio.

As a BlogTalkRadio host, you can now add a Toll-Free listener line to your account to make it free and easy for your listeners to call-in and interact during your online radio show. The toll-free listener package is available for only $25.00 for each 500 minute block.

It is simple for existing host to add toll free to their accounts, just go to the Premium Services page of BlogTalkRadio or click on the “Add Toll-Free” link on the Switchboard. As a host, you can make the toll-free number visible or invisible on a by episode basis.

If you have any questions on this new feature, be sure to contact us.

Host Tip of the Week: Chat Room Success

hosttip-of-the-weekWant to know how to maximize the chat room feature on BlogTalkRadio? Our chat room can be a great way to:

• Engage listeners during your show
• Manage and encourage audience participation
• Connect with your listeners
• Grow your listener base
• Build a community around your show

How to use our chat room feature. If you want more information on how the chat feature works, view our screencast here.

How to Moderate Your Chat Room: Managing a chat room, although potentially easier with a co-host, can also be done effectively when you are hosting solo. If you have a co-host, while you are speaking, he or she can actively monitor and interact with listeners in the chat room. If you are hosting alone, we recommend interacting with your chatters while you are playing an audio file, or when special guests are speaking.

How to Engage Your Chat Room: Be sure to welcome the participants of your chat room at the beginning of the show to get the discussion started. You can also encourage people to type their questions and comments into the chat room, if they are shy about calling in. It is good practice to continue to welcome new chatters at various times throughout the show as you notice them joining in. To save time, pre-type messages in a document, and cut and paste into the chat window while you are on the air.

Another way to engage listeners is to highlight something covered on the show and ask your audience to share what they think in the chat room, or offer related questions or facts about your guest or relevant topics.

Manage Live Q&A: If you have callers dialing in, you can ask them to private message you in the chat room with their name and phone number so that you can announce them properly when you bring them onto your show. You can also encourage listeners to use the chat room as an alternative way to submit questions.

Opening your chat room takes a quick click of the mouse, and can increase your listener engagement and show’s sense of community by leaps and bounds.

Share your favorite chat room tips in the comments.

Have a great week, y’all, and happy chatting!

Christie Sweet

BlogTalkRadio Host Tip of the Week: Engaging Listeners

hosttip-of-the-week1An engaged and interactive listener community can add a whole new dimension to your online radio show and can take a good show to the next level. Whether you are a new host unsure of where to start, or a seasoned host looking for new ideas, here are some tips to help you get listeners more engaged in your BlogTalkRadio show:

1. Take Live Callers:
A great way to get listeners interacting on your show is to encourage questions and feedback through your call-in line. There are many ways to manage live callers using BlogTalkRadio’s switchboard, depending on your hosting style and the level of control you would like to maintain over the show’s content. Some hosts engage callers by immediately bringing them live on-air as they appear on the switchboard, while other hosts feel more comfortable bringing only scheduled callers live on-air so they can stay focused on the central theme and avoid any content surprises. With BlogTalkRadio premium services, we offer the best of both worlds: our premium enhanced switchboard enables hosts to screen callers, and thus organize caller’s content, before bringing them onto the show.

2. Open Your Chatroom and Engage Your Chatters:
When you open your chatroom during your live show, your listeners can engage in chat with you, as well as with other listeners. Managing the chatroom during your live show is an effective way to enable discussion and can be another avenue for live listeners to ask questions and give feedback that you can respond to in real time. In addition, opening your chatroom can help bring in more listeners by creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and interactivity that listeners will want to return to and suggest to friends.

3. Benefit From A Co-host:
Introducing a co-host to your online radio show can help you better engage your listeners, in tandem with the two tips we’ve already discussed, while adding friendly banter and calmness to your show. Imagine having a friend take on half the tasks during hosting! Look for a co-host who complements your hosting style and with whom you feel comfortable. Try out a few test shows to make sure that your differing viewpoints and chemistry make a positive addition to the show.

4. Have a Contest:
Listeners love to win swag, and adding a contest to your show can be a great way to get the less vocal people involved. Host a trivia contest, a competition between listeners, or an idea-generating event to demonstrate your desire for your listeners to interact with you and each other. To encourage listeners to tune in repeatedly, you can introduce a multi-week contest, giving clues during multiple shows, so listeners are motivated to tune in and listen to each show up through the contest deadline.

5. Use Sound Clips:
Sound effects, original music, and pre-taped segments create a more diverse audio landscape for your listeners. Plus, your options for content increase exponentially, thus expanding opportunities to create more imaginative and fun content. Laughter, applause, doorbells, catch-phrases, and sound effects are easy to find online for free, and can help keep your listeners focused and entertained.

In upcoming tips, we’ll expand on these ideas with more examples and recommendations. If you have any recommendations, feel free to email us at service-at-blogtalkradio.com or add it in the comments below and we’ll look to include them in future entries.

Host Tip of the Week: Building Listeners for Your Online Radio Show

hosttip-of-the-weekWe often get requests from hosts on how to build their show’s listener base. Networking and marketing your show successfully is an art form, and hosts must practice and work on it to see results.

So how can a new host spread the word about his or her show? Here are a few tips to help increase your listener base:

Tip 1. Promote through multiple channels. Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Ning, MySpace and more can help you spread the word about your show online. BlogTalkRadio makes it easy to link your host profile to your Facebook and Twitter account, which makes sharing show updates simple. Remember that sharing compelling and engaging content is the most important goal of your social media and marketing efforts. If all of your updates are the same or generic like, “Come listen to my show on BTR,” and you inundate your friends with identical reminders, your intended audience will start to tune you out. Social media is a conversation: interact with your friends, reply to the posts of others, make posts fun and interesting, and share valuable content. Finally, don’t focus only on just one method of promotion, other marketing channels such as emails, press releases, and blog posts can also be very effective in getting the word out.

Tip 2. Dazzle with titles, descriptions and keywords. Did you know that how you describe your show has a connection to how many listeners come on board? Your host page, and all of its contents, is picked up by search engines and viewed by people searching through our programming guides. So it’s in your best interest to be as descriptive and detailed as possible. And as we have written in previous blog posts, the keywords you select to identify each episode are critical in helping those interested find, and listen to, your content.

Tip 3. Be targeted in your approach. Get out there and find groups, forums, and communities on and offline that focus on your show’s subject matter. If, for example, you are marketing a show on running a small business, go to meetings in your area that support small business owners or participate in forums and online communities that are dedicated to this demographic. If you host a show about cars, visit a local car show to network, or get active in a forum for car enthusiasts. Pass out flyers or business cards, take opportunities to share your valuable advice and expertise, and always include a link to your show after your name when posting online.

4. Get involved with other BlogTalkRadio shows and hosts. Search for shows similar to your own using keywords, and listen to the other shows out there. How does your show differ? How can you fulfill a niche that is not yet offered on BlogTalkRadio? Get engaged with the BlogTalkRadio community by providing valuable commentary in the chatroom and connecting with the host and other listeners. If others like what you have to say, they will seek you out and discover what your show is all about.

5. Content is king. Last, but certainly not least, listeners are attracted to shows that consistently produce quality content. Do your due diligence in planning for your shows, your guests, your questions, and your topics. If listeners like what they hear, they will come back for more, and ultimately help you spread the word about your show to their friends. Aspire to be a show that people want to talk about and recommend to others!

Putting these tips into action takes time, but before you know it, you will have forgotten the days when you were just getting started and only had a few listeners, and focus on maintaining that listener base!

Longtime BlogTalkRadio hosts, we would love to hear what you do to attract listeners!

Until next week, y’all, stay warm!

~Christie Sweet