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Promotion is Just an Email Away: How to Reach Out to Bloggers to Promote Your Radio Shows and Podcasts


by Deb Ng

One way for podcasters and online radio hosts to create awareness around a show, topic or guest is to reach out to bloggers. Bloggers are always looking for newsworthy or niche-worthy topics to cover and will be happy to talk about your show. The best part of having your show picked up by a blog is that the link will appear online throughout the blog’s duration, so traffic can last for years. What follows are some tips for contacting bloggers to ask them to discuss their show.

1.Don’t spam – Don’t email the same bloggers every time you have a show airing. Instead wait until you have a notable guest or topic. If the same people receive the same mail every day or every week, you’re just going to end up in the spam filter. Make sure something special is going on before you email folks for coverage.

2. Think outside the genre – Promotion works so many ways. For instance, the other day Frugal Coast2Coast recently had a show where the topic was saving money on food for special diets. That topic was pitched to cooking blogs, personal finance blogs, and also blogs for folks who follow special diets such as diabetics, and parenting blogs where peanut and gluten allergies are discussed. Think about all the people who would be interested in your topic and take it from there. Sometimes it pays to go beyond the obvious.

3. Offer cross promotion – If you keep asking people to write about you, they might get upset after a while if you don’t offer the love in return. Offer to do some cross promotion. Give a shout at the end of the show and in the chatroom to the blogs that gave coverage. Write about them on your own blog. Even just a link on your show page is enough to show them it works both ways. When you cross promote, bloggers won’t hesitate to work with you again in the future.

4. Try to avoid the form letter approach – Instead of sending out the same cookie cutter form letter and press release, tailor your letter for each individual show. This way bloggers aren’t put off when they receive the same email each time. Try to personalize by using the blogger’s name and blog’s title.

5. How will your show benefit a blogger’s community? Research each blog before sending a promotion request. Write a paragraph about the show and how that blogs community will benefit from listening in.

How are some of the ways you pitch your shows to blogs?

What is Podcasting?


by Deb Ng

This past week I received a couple of “what is podcasting?” emails. It seems some folks are a little confused by the term “podcast” plus they want to know the difference between traditional podcasting, and an online radio network such as BlogTalkRadio. So, how ’bout a primer?

What is Podcasting?

A podcast, using an iPod or other MP3 player to listen to online broadcasts, is usually a prerecorded audio file one can download and play at one’s convenience. A podcaster will publish the audio file to his blog, website, or a podcast directory to be downloaded by the listener.

A podcast is generally less interactive. Since it’s prerecorded, the podcast may have guests, but it doesn’t always allow for listener call ins, or chat rooms. The benefit of a podcast is its mobility. Downloaded onto an iPod, one can listen while working, working out, and now, even driving in the car. Most podcasters have to purchase expensive equipment and download programs in order to publish a podcast. Like a blog, one can subscribe to a podcast’s RSS feed to receive updates.

What is Online Radio

Online radio is more live and interactive. Perfect for the less technically-savvy, all one needs is a phone. Most online radio networks offer their radio hosts a switchboard in order to invite special guests and listeners to call in. They might also offer a chatroom so listeners can talk about the online radio show and ask questions of the special guests.

What is the Difference Between the Two

The difference is the ability to offer a live broadcast in an interactive setting.  Listeners don’t have to download an episode if they’d prefer to listen live, and they can even become part of the conversation. Also, instead of hosting their own podcasts, online radio is hosted on a specific site. Plus, there’s a technical support team on hand to help answer questions. However, like podcasting, online radio episodes are archived so those missing the live broadcast can listen on demand.

Also, most  podcasts and archived online radio broacasts offer the option to stream, that is listen online, rather than download the episode. Online Radio is a more attractive option for many because they don’t need to invest in special equipment, take up huge blocks of precious computer space and it enables them to interact with their individual communties.

What’s Going On? BlogTalkRadio Highlights for February 10, 2009

Don King on BlogTalkRadio tonight at 10;00 p.m.

Don King on BlogTalkRadio tonight at 10 p.m.

by Deb

How are these highlights working for you? Are you finding they direct you to shows you might not otherwise found on your own? Hosts, are they bringing in new listeners? I’d love to hear how daily highlights are working for you.

I’m also interested in giving some of our less well-known hosts a boost.

So if you host a BlogTalkRadio show, send me your elevator pitch (deborahng(at)blogtalkradio(dot)com). Send a couple of paragraphs describing your show, plus an image of your show’s logo. I’ll post your elevator pitch here to help send new listeners your way.

Now, for today’s highlights, which are representative of the varied content BlogTalkRadio has to offer. As always, all times EST:

  • At 10:00 AM, join host Jim Burns on the Dad Talk Zone as talks about issues facing dads today.
  • Bob Kessinger of Cyber Patrol joins Dave and Bill this afternoon at 1:00 to discuss how to optimize safe and educational internet experiences for children while minimizing potential risks.
  • Football may be over for the season but Fantasy Buffet is still going strong at 11:00 a.m.
  • BlogTalkRadio’s Life Coach Sue, features a great guest today this morning at 11:00.Carol Dunlop is a dynamic fitness professional whose talent and innovative style has inspired many individuals to lead a healthy, fit lifestyle. Keep your commitment to stay fit in ’09 and give it a listen.
  • It’s Twitter Tuesday! Jason Crouch and Ken Cook welcome social media evangelist Bill Crosby today at noon.
  • This after noon at 1:00, Mom 2 Mom is featuring last minute valentines deals.
  • Garden Gal takes you into the garden to talk about things to do in February this afternoon at 1:30.
  • Today at 2:00, at the Army Bloggers Round Table, Col. Buckhout will discuss the designation of the new Electronic Warfare (EW) 29-series career field for officers, warrant officers and enlisted personnel.  (No, I don’t know what it means either, but I’m sure someone does!)
  • At 4:00, Betty Jo Tucker gets us into the Valentine’s spirit with great film love stories.
  • At 4;30 p.m., RatherBeWorking offers four practical things to do during a layoff.
  • Dr. Blogstein welcomes Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent, authors of How to LOVE Like a Hot Chick, tonight at 9:00.
  • Legendary boxing promoter Don King takes time out from touting his February 14 “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” to share his thoughts on the meaning of Barack Obama’s presidency with Lorenzo Thomas tonight at 10:00.
  • CNN’s Rick Sanchez joins Morning Media Menu to discuss his innovative broadcasts which incorporate Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to encourage viewer involvement.

Please see today’s On Air Schedule for a more in depth look at today’s programming.

How Podcasting and Online Radio Can Benefit Business


by Deb Ng

If you look through the job ads lately, you might notice more and more businesses are looking for bloggers, social media experts, community managers, and more. This is because it’s more important than ever for companies to have an online presence to succeed.

It’s not unheard of for corporations to start blogs or open a Twitter account, because they’re learning the best way to get people to rally around a product or service is through an aggressive social media campaign – and that can include podcasting and online radio.

Like blogging, online radio is a terrific way to discuss products and services and build up community around a brand. Hosting a weekly radio show to announce new releases, offer technical support, interview experts, and even answer consumers’ questions help build trust and give an impersonal company a more “human” touch.

People tend to support a business where they feel they know the players involved. Online radio is a terrific way to reach out and show the folks who use your service that you care.

Unless your business wishes to take advantage of our branded content services, online radio is like free advertising. So if your business wants to put its name on an interview, music or comedy hour, or even an online radio soap opera, for instance, it won’t cost a dime.

There’s no getting around it, in this day and age. A business must have an online presence to succeed.  Hosting an online radio show is a unique way to create buzz around a product or service and help to build community.

If you’re looking to create an online presence for your product or service, BlogTalkRadio is more than happy to help.

SkypeCast Demise Leaves BlogTalkRadio Standing Virtually Alone as Industry Leader

BlogTalkRadio's CEO and Founder, Alan Levy

Alan Levy: Time bore founder out.

A little over two years ago, BlogTalkRadio CEO and founder Alan Levy was three weeks into his new online broadcasting venture when he discussed the launch of SkypeCast.

In a post on this very blog, he made comparisons between that startup and BlogTalkRadio, including why he felt his would be the superior service in the long run.

Among Alan’s concerns were:

  • Having to install software in order to listen to or host Skype shows.
  • Lack of audience participation during live SkypeCasts.
  • Absence of SkypeCast archives.

Two years later, it’s clear that BlogTalkRadio is the leader in online radio. We don’t simply provide a platform allowing civilians to talk in cyberspace. We offer our hosts the ability to create, produce, promote and archive regularly-scheduled shows without having to download or install any software. And each live show – which is available on-demand moments after it’s wrapped – is a completely interactive experience, allowing listeners to call in and/or participate in a live text chat.

So it comes as no surprise to the BlogTalkRadio team that Skypecast was laid to rest on September 1. Though Skype vows to resurrect the service one day, its demise further solidifies BlogTalkRadio’s status as the premier online radio network and social-radio community.

In this day and age, the key to succeeding online is an interactive, customizable, user-friendly experience – and the ability to build a loyal, spirited community.

Hats off to Alan for holding his course.

BlogTalkRadio Makes BusinessWeek.com

Those of us who are a part of BlogTalkRadio know we have a good thing here. The good news is, the rest of the world is finding out about us too.

Recently, we’ve had mentions in some very worthy publications, including The New York Times. Today, we add BusinessWeek.com to the list!

The article discusses how BTR got its start, our new funding, and how many leading companies are licensing branded stations.

I’ve seen many interviews and articles with CEO and Founder Alan Levy in the two months I’ve worked for BlogTalkRadio, and one thing is always clear: His passion and joy in his radio community shines through -and it’s that passion that will take us far.

The BW article offers an opportunity for readers to comment. I hope you’ll stop by and tell them what BlogTalkRadio means to you!

Now Streaming on iTunes Radio: BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio channels are now being streamed through iTunes Radio. So far, the Flylady and Heading Right channels are available on iTunes streaming radio.

Simply launch the iTunes application on your PC or Mac and click “Radio” in the left hand column to access the iTunes Radio selections.


This will open a world of new content. Find the “Talk/Spoken Word” category and click the black triangle next to it to view all the streams. Double click which BlogTalkRadio stream you want to tune into and – bam! – you’re streaming BlogTalkRadio Channels on iTunes.


The BlogTalkRadio development team will be creating streaming iTunes channels across our wide variety of comedy, sports, entertainment, finance, and other programming. Stay tuned for more. Literally, stay tuned with iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.

BlogTalkRadio Hosts Celebrate One Year as Citizen Broadcasters

We get a lot of emails from hosts who are excited about what BlogTalkRadio has given to them. Many of those hosts are now celebrating one year as citizen broadcasters. It’s wonderful to see how those hosts recognized the BlogTalkRadio platform as a way for them to showcase their own talent and fulfill their dreams, share their knowledge and help other people. These hosts have put in the time and energy and their audiences are growing because of it. Congrats all.

Way back in October of last year, The Sasquatch Experience and artist Michael Bell celebrated one year on BlogTalkRadio. In November, Jason O’Brien celebrated one year of doing the Oscar, Oscar! show and in December, Anthony Brice of Six Degrees knocked out his anniversary show. Those are quite impressive achievements.

More recently, the Geeks at Movie Geeks United celebrated their one year anniversary just yesterday. With an all star guest list, these fellows have been doing themselves – and BlogTalkRadio – proud. Also, Tony Reeves Esq has been doing In The Know for one year this month.

March welcomed The Daily Suplex Radio show, Meggy Moon Talk Show, Around the Spectrum sports show, to the one year club. The ladies at Army Wives Talk Radio

Back in February, the ever entertaining Dr. Blogstein celebrated his one year Blogsteinversary and The AZ UFO Show and Queens of Internet Radio hit a year.

January saw Pointless Drivel Live, Definitive Cinematic Retrospective and How THE BIG MAN sees it hit the one year mark.

And those are just a handful of the shows that have celebrated one year “On Air.” We thank them for all they do as they start their second year of broadcasting on this social radio network. If you’ve got something to share or want to tell your BlogTalkRadio story, drop us a line at testimonial@blogtalkradio.com.

Congratulations, hosts. Keep talking. We’re listening.