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The Do’s & Don’ts of Optimizing Your Audio

Ensuring that your show has optimal sound quality is very important not only for your show’s success but for the enjoyment of your listeners.  We’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for you to make sure you have the best sound possible when you’re broadcasting:


  1. The best way to dial in to your show is using a landline.
  2. When connecting via landline, use a high-quality phone and to speak clearly and directly into the handset.
  3. For premium hosts, the best way to dial is using our Direct Connect feature in the studio.
  4. When dialing in via Direct Connect or Skype, use a high-quality headset plugged directly into your computer. Using a headset also frees up your hands to manage the chatroom and switchboard.
  5. Use a hardwired Internet rather than a wireless (WiFi) connection
  6. Close out of all applications except for Skype and the BlogTalkRadio switchboard. For additional tips on how to host your show with Skype, view our Skype screencast.
  7. Schedule and host a test episode to check equipment and audio files for optimal sound output.


  1. Don’t use a speaker phone – this can cause annoying echoes and feedback.
  2. Don’t use a cell phone – this can effect quality and lead to dropped calls.
  3. Conference multiple people in with Skype (on the host line) – this can cause degradation in sound output.

Bonus tip: If you are looking to further optimize your audio quality when dialing in using a phone, consider investing in a JK Audio Box. This is what the BlogTalkRadio staff uses to conduct broadcasts.

We hope these tips help you achieve the best audio quality possible! For more tips and tricks, attend BlogTalkRadio University, our free educational class series for hosts.