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Outdial Conferencing Feature Helps Cut Down on No-Show Guests

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Up first? Everything you ever wanted to know about Outdial Conferencing, from what it is to how it can help you produce more professional shows.

The feature: Outdial Conferencing, which allows free outbound calls to U.S. numbers.

Available to: BlogTalkRadio Premium hosts. (Not a Premium host yet? Click here to find our more about our Premium Packages.)

Where to find it: On your Host Switchboard.

How to use it: Once you’ve dialed in to your Host Call-in Number and connected to your show, a “Dial Out” button (below) will appear on your switchboard. Then you simply click on that button, type in the number you wish to call, and hit the “Dial” button. Once the person you’re calling picks up, you’ll see a “Call Established” icon appear. You can also call out in private, so that the person answering the phone is not heard on the air until you want them on. This is done by going into the screening room before dialing out. For more details, check out the Outdial Conferencing screencast tutorial in our Learning Center.


The benefits: Having the Outdial Conferencing feature means you can conference in guests by simply dialing their number from your switchboard. The chief reason hosts like this function is that it makes them less dependent on guests calling into the show. That in turn makes BlogTalkRadio more like terrestrial and satellite radio stations, on which guests are often called (typically by the show’s producer) a few minutes prior to their interview time.

bob-andelman1What hosts say: “One of my favorite BTR features is the ability to call out to scheduled guests—rather than waiting for them to call in. My show is entirely guest-driven, so I interview hundreds of actors, authors, musicians, entrepreneurs and other celebrities each year. Outdial Conferencing is a practical tool that gives me more control than ever over the production.  —Bob Andelman, BlogTalkRadio’s Mr. Media.

Coming up: Be sure to check back on Tuesday, Dec. 14, when we’ll cover embedding your BlogTalkRadio player and show buttons on other websites and social-networking sites.

In the Meantime: Be sure to visit the BlogTalkRadio Learning Center, where you’ll find a host of helpful resources for easily creating, producing and promoting your BlogTalkRadio show.