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Think You’ve Got What It Takes to Be Paris Hilton’s BFF’s OFF?

If that headline has you doing a double take, don’t be alarmed; your eyes don’t deceive you.

I want you – to be MY online friend forever.

Brittany: I want you – to be MY online friend forever.

Here’s the deal:

Tonight on Olivia Wilder Times, Olivia Wilder welcomes back Brittany Flickinger, who in December won the title of Paris Hilton’s “New BFF” on the MTV reality series of the same name.

When Brittany dropped into OWT last month, she adamantly dis- missed rumors that Paris was giving her the cold shoulder.

“We’re not married. We’re BFFs. Friends aren’t attached at the hip 24/7,” she said.

“And when we’re somewhere together and we’re not attached at the hip, they’re like, ‘Oh, no. They’re fighting.’”

Brittany later added: “I #$@!-ing practically live at her house!”

And to prove what a great “best friend forever” she is, Brittany now wants to be your BFF, too.

At least online – hence the term “OFF.”

To qualify, simply email three reasons why you deserve to be Britt’s OFF to oliviawilder@dr.com

Then show up for the live show tonight at 10 p.m. ET to find out more.  (Note: you must be signed up as a BTR user to enter the chat room.)

For more info, click here.