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tomorrowtelevised516Tomorrow Will Be Televised welcomes Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times business correspondent and author of Too Big To Fail, best-seller on the financial crisis turned HBO original movie; and Michael Wortsman, executive producer of Queen For A Day.

frank-fontana54The Down & Dirty with Frank Fontana welcomes Mike Yost creator of ManCaveSite.org and author of The Man Cave Book. Also Jim Heavey of WOOD magazine. We’ll also be talking about Lollapalooza with Consequence of Sound president and editor-in-chief Michael Roffman.

ccg512The Todd Griffiths Show, a Century Coin Group Production. This is the show that answers all of your questions about numismatics from the leader in tangible asset investing, Todd Griffiths. “When it comes to tangible asset investing, there is no question I won’t answer and no answer I won’t support.”

guptaMr Media welcomes Parvesh Cheena who stars in NBC’s new comedy series “Outsourced” as Gupta, a socially awkward call center employee at Mid America Novelties, whom everyone tries to avoid because of his never-ending conversations.

greggbradenJoin host Kristen White as she talks with New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden, renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. He became the first technical operations manager for Cisco Systems where he led the development of the global support team that insures the reliability of today’s internet.

‘Outsourced’ Star Parvesh Cheena: I Cold-Called People in Real Life—and Lied to Them!

In a comical case of art imitating reality, Parvesh Cheena, who stars in the new NBC sitcom Outsourced—which some critics have frowned upon for perpetuating South Asian stereotypes and being insensitive to the plight of unemployed Americans—survived a telemarketing job by fibbing his way through it.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, the funnyman recalls the pre-fame gig.

CAPTION: "After working in an actual call center myself, I usually try to be very patient with workers at call centers-and be as polite as possible," Parvesh (above) tells us.

"After working in an actual call center myself, I usually try to be very patient with workers at call centers—and be as polite as possible," Parvesh (above) tells us.

“Earlier in my career, I worked as a ticket agent who was selling in Chicago,” he tells host Janice Malone.

“Part of our job was working the phones, selling theatre tickets, selling tickets for Shakespeare theatre shows, selling subscriptions and making cold calls.

“There were many times when I called people during their dinner hour! And, of course, I would often bend the truth about what we were selling—as anyone who’s worked the phones has done.

“I would say things like, ‘Oh, yes, I’ve seen this show eight times—and it’s great!’ In actuality I would’ve seen it maybe only once.”

Parvesh, who grew up in suburban Chicago, also addresses allegations of Continue reading

Daily Highlights: Thursday; September 23, 2010


Marlo Thomas, whose new memoir, Growing Up Laughing, hits the shelves Sept. 28, reflects on her (subconscious) reasons for tying the knot with Phil Donahue 30 years ago. “I didn’t realize until after I married him that he is my father,” the still-sexy-at- 72 icon tells host Robin Milling.

Conservative MomsMary Baker whistles Sweet Georgia Brown for Meadowlark Lemon, the Clown Prince of the Harlem Globetrotters, who played some 16,000 games with the team. Now an ordained minister, the hoops virtuoso hosts a weekly show on Trinity Broadcasting Net.

Keeping It Reel’s Tim Gordon shouts “Action!” to Edward Zwick, who directed Legends of the Fall, produced Blood Diamond and won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Edward will chat about his upcoming flick, Love & Other Drugs, starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Film Festival Radio Janice Malone punches in with Parvesh Cheena and Anisha Nagarajan, stars of Outsourced, which shows tonight on NBC. Find out why certain folks are up in arms about this deft comedy about a displaced American manager who must oversee a call center in India.


L.A.’s Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a performance by drummer Sheila E., who scored a No. 1 dance hit with 1984’s The Glamorous Life, and there to chat up the pop diva in person is Callywood host Cosandra Calloway.

Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman gets up close and personal with Charlyne Yi, who played Jodi in Knocked Up and went on to star opposite Michael Cera in last year’s Paper Heart. Her latest project? Producing and starring in a video for OxFam America Hunger Banquet.

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