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Candace Cameron Bure: Punk’d by Fellow ‘Full House’ Alum!

Call it the revenge of the Full House men.

On the Radio Happy Hour this week, Candace Cameron Bure dropped in to chat with host Dr. Blogstein about her new series, Make It or Break It, when a flamboyant listener phoned from California.

“Hi, this is Steven Stevenson. I’m a television critic. I’m impressed,” he said.

CAPTION: "You are a gooberhead!" Candace (above) chided her former cast mate for getting over on her.

"You are a gooberhead!" Candace (above) chided her former castmate after he got over on her.

“Oh – with the show?” asked Candace.

“Yes, I saw the premiere on ABC Family, and I have to tell you, you look gorgeous as ever,” the listener continued. “I just responded to the flips and the jumps and the gymnastics that the girls do. The show is cut together marvelously. I’m telling you, a lot of times you see those stunts and you say, Oh, that’s a stunt person. Let’s cut back to the actress. But in this, it is just seamless. Unbelievable!”

“Yea, I thought so too. I thought they did a really nice job editing the show. I saw an earlier version of the pilot, and since then they really tightened it up,” said Candace.

“Speaking of tightened up, I thought the boys on the show were terrific. There’s something for everybody on this series,” the listener added.

“Well, I’m glad you liked it,” said a by-then nervous Candace.

That was when the listener landed his final blow.

“I was bursting at my buttons watching the show,” he said.

Suddenly, Candace got wise – and exposed her Full House co-star.

"Full" of it: Can you spot the culprit?

"Full" of it: Can you spot the culprit?

So which castmember pulled the prank?  You’ll have to download the show to find out.

And while you’re at it, check out Candace’s interview on the June 18 edition of Mr. Media.

That was when she and her Make It or Break It co-star, Peri Gilpin, roasted Bob Saget – who played Candace’s dad, Danny Tanner – big time.

“We’re blaming him for all the dirty jokes in our lives,” said Peri of Bob.

“All the dirty jokes in America,” added Candace.

Everything that goes ’round comes ’round.

Or does it?

To hear Candace’s full Radio Happy Hour interview, click here.

To hear Peri and Candace’s Mr. Media interview, click here.

Peri Gilpin: Bob ‘Full House’ Saget is America’s Smutmeister

Could one man possibly be responsible for all of our nation’s salacious schtick?

Yes, say sitcom staples Peri Gilpin and Candace Cameron Bure – and that man is Bob Saget.

CAPTION: Peri: Wise to “funny”man’s ways.

Peri: Wise to “funny”man’s ways.

Interviewed on Mr. Media, Peri, who played Roz Doyle on Frasier, and Candace, who played D.J. Tanner on Full House, roast their pal Bob – who led the Full House cast as widowed dad Danny Tanner – big-time.

Discussing her TV alma mater with host Bob Andelman, Candace says:

“There’s definitely a place for shows like Full House, where, as parents, we can safely allow our children to watch, and not worry about whether they’ll be exposed to something that isn’t age- appropriate.”

That’s when Peri, who co-stars with Candace in the ABC Family series Make It or Break It, jumps in with this zinger:

“Wait a minute. What about Bob Saget?”

“Exactly. I grew up with that,” replies Candace. “I grew up wayyyy too fast.”

CAPTION: Candace (right): Corrupted by Bob (left)?

Candace (right): Corrupted by Bob (left)?

“Are you going to blame everything bad that’s happened to you on Saget?” asks our host.

“We’re blaming him for all the dirty jokes in our lives,” says Peri.

“All the dirty jokes in America,” adds Candace.

“I know Bob because I work out at the gym with him – and Candace was there, too, for a while,” says Peri, before whacking the final nail into the Sagat legacy:

“So I know Bob’s little ‘spicy act.’”

To hear Peri and Candace’s full interview, click here.

Make It or Break It premieres Monday, June 22.