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‘Big Love’ Star Bella Thorne: I’ve Got a Pet Wolf—Who Eats Hot Dogs

Go figure. Bella Thorne, the 13-year-old actress whose supernatural thriller, Forget Me Not, debuts tonight at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, keeps a wolf as a house pet!

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, the former child model reveals what it’s like cohabitating with the carnivore she calls Voodoo—who’s nearly as tall as she is.

 CAPTION: Bella: Not scareda lupus.

Bella: Cool with canine creature.

“[Wolves] are known to scare away people in your yard. But Voodoo’s like, ‘Come here, guys! Let me show you to the door.  Come inside!'” she tells host Janice Malone.

“The funniest thing about having a wolf is that they’re so, like, not what you think when you hear, I have a wolf—even though his howl is kinda really scary. Because when he was attacked by two pit bulls, he got his jugular removed,” adds Bella, who has replaced Jolean Wejbe in the role of Tancy Henrickson on HBO’s polygamous-family drama Big Love, Season 4 of which gets under way January 10.

“His howl used to be like, ‘How-ooooo!’ Now it’s like ‘Argg-rrrrrr!’ It’s actually pretty funny when he howls and you’re on the phone.  Continue reading