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Daily Highlights; August 13, 2010

mary-higgins-clarkAt 3 PM Our wOw Effect host, Lesley Stahl, sits down with best-selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, mystery novelist Carol Higgins Clark. The prolific scribes will discuss their similarities and differences in crafting compelling reads.

At noon Grand Central Publishing welcomes Alexandra Lebenthal, who is CEO of Wall Street investment firm Lebenthal & Co., and whose new book The Recessionistas—“a novel of the once rich and powerful”—is a tale of social upheaval in the Big Apple.


At 9 PM Host Timothy Hodge celebrates his 2-year anniversary on BlogTalkRadio (you the man, TH!) with best wishes from such acts as the GS Boyz, Oleta Adams, Lucky Peterson and Jason Weaver —who played Michael Jackson in 1992’s The Jacksons: An American Dream.

At 3 PM Tomorrow Will Be Televised’s Simon Applebaum hangs with Henry Bromell, the Emmy-winning executive producer of AMC’s Rubicon. Plus: Anup Murarka, Adobe Systems’ Flash platform product marketing director, discusses Google TV.

On demand: BEST Business Radio welcomes baseball great Pete Rose, who shares the secrets of his on- and off-field success. “Throughout my career, I worked my opposition. And I continuously do that today,” he says. “There’s not a lazy bone in my body—and I’ll grind the person I’m playing against.”

At 4 PM Coffee Talk Jazz Radio host “Ms. Bridgette” Lewis kicks it with jazz vocalist and guitarist Nadia Washington, who attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music on a Bill Cosby Presidential Scholarship. The singer will sample her latest tracks, Inner Urge and Who Cares.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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Pete ‘The Hit King’ Rose: How I Got My Other Nickname—‘Charlie Hustle’

Pete Rose may be a lot of things, but lazy isn’t one of them—as two equally great New York Yankees were quick to attest.

Interviewed on BEST Business Radio, the former Cincinnati Reds star recalls how he got dubbed “Charlie Hustle.”

“The name was given to me when I was trying out for the Reds in spring training in 1963,” he tells host Doug Huggins.

"Whether you're playin' baseball or you're in business to sell a product, you can't cheat the fans," Pete (above) tells us. "Fans are customers, customers are fans."

"Whether you're playin' baseball or you're in business to sell a product, you can't cheat the fans," Pete (above) tells us. "Fans are customers, customers are fans."

“We played the New York Yankees in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. And I did a couple of things in that game and Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford were talking to the New York press after the game and Mickey said to Whitey—or Whitey said to Mickey—‘Did you see that? Charlie Hustle beat us today!’

“And the next day in the New York paper it said, ‘Charlie Hustle Beats Yanks.’ My name was created at that time. And about three weeks later I ended up makin’ the Reds for the first time.”

Pete, who holds the all-time record—among many others—for most career hits (4,256), also discusses how he Continue reading