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‘RotoExperts’ Going Live from Fantasy Sports Trade Association Conference

Just five days before – and 25 miles from – Super Bowl 43, hundreds of the best fantasy-sports brains in that $1.5 billion business will gather in St. Petersburg, Fla., for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s Winter Conference.

So naturally, BlogTalkRadio’s Fantasy Sports Channel (FSC) will be front and center at this largest-of-its-kind event to bring fantasy-sports enthusiasts the world over all the action fsta-rotoradio-banner
At 8 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Jan. 27, FSC’s flagship podcast, RotoRadio, will kick off a live, nine-hour special hosted by RotoExpertsPaul Bourdett, 2006 Fantasy Football Writer of the Year Scott Engel, and the channel’s managing editor, Marc Ronick.

Throughout the day, they’ll be bringing you interviews with leading industry experts, along with updates on conference events. So be sure to call in for insight and tips on your roster.

You’ll also want to catch the Industry Recognition Awards ceremony.

Why? Because FSC is up for not one but two awards – for Best Podcast, and Specialty Product or Services.fsta-logo11

In October, Wall Street Journal Television touted FSC for “providing more content than most any site out there,” while calling RotoRadio hosts Scott Engel and Phil Eletto “two of the world’s foremost fantasy sports experts.”

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BlogTalkRadio Taking Fantasy Sports ‘to a New Level,’ Says Wall Street Journal TV

We here at BlogTalkRadio bill our recently-launched Fantasy Sports Channel as sporting “more live fantasy sports radio than anyone on the planet.”

But why take our word for it?

Scott (right) and Phil are “two of the world’s foremost fantasy sports experts,” says Nando (left).

“You guys provide more content than most any site out there,” says Wall Street Journal TV correspondent Nando Di Fino in a just-released feature about our hot new service.

To research its story, WSJ-TV visited the Manhattan home of Phil Eletto, where he and Scott Engel – co-hosts of BlogTalkRadio’s RotoRadio – poscast their popular Fantasy Sports Channel show.

“To get a [traditional] radio show, you’d have to get a studio and build all kinds of fancy stuff.  But this is kind of taking it to a new level,” notes Nando of Scott and Phil’s set-up.

Phil (right)
Phil (right) shows Nando (left) the BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Sports Channel ropes.

“That’s the beauty of BlogTalkRadio,” says Scott. “There’s a lot of good fantasy sports analysts out there who a lot of people don’t know.

“But they can’t afford a studio. They can’t afford an ISDN line. They should have the same opportunity to get a radio show as ESPN hosts.”

Well put, Scott.

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