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Broadway Icon Ben Vereen, ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Star Joyful Drake and Kim Coles Today on BlogTalkRadio

ben-vereenBen Vereen: The Tony winner celebrates his 40-plus years as song-and-dance man with a new CD, Steppin Out with Ben Vereen, and a one-night-only show tomorrow in the Big Apple. He also tells Milling About host Robin Milling that he’s itchin’ to bring Pippin back to the Great White Way.

kim-coles3Kim Coles: The actress who played Synclaire James-Jones opposite Queen Latifah on Living Single drops in on Ernest Radio Network host Ernest Sewell to give us the latest on her G.I.F.T.S. tele-seminar, which is designed to motivate and empower young girls.

joyful-drakeJoyful Drake: The star of BET’s Let’s Stay Together sits down with Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon to discuss her role opposite Sandra Bernhard and` in the upcoming TV fick Glass Heels—which she also wrote and produced.

att-shawn-stockmanShawn Stockman: What’s kept the most successful R&B group of all time together since 1988? Shawn tells host Janice Malone of fellow Boyz II Men members Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris, “It’s our respect and love for each other—and for the music. That’s the first thing that got us together. It was just our love for the kind of music we do. And we couldn’t find it anywhere else. It’s like a relationship. You get something that’s rare, you hold onto it. And we found that within each other.”

jason-smithJason Samuels Smith: The Emmy-winning tap dancer, who has appeared as a guest performer on the Fox reality series So You Think You Can Dance, sits down with BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes to chat about his ever-expanding list of terpsichorean credits.

Rocker Marshall Crenshaw, R&B Crooners Mint Condition and ‘Football Night in America’ Host Dan Patrick Today on BlogTalkRadio

marshall-crenshawMarshall Crenshaw: The rocker who had a hit with 1981’s Someday, Someway–and played Buddy Holly in La Bamba—drops in on Icon Fetch host Tony Peters to chat about playing John Lennon in the road production of Beatlemania!, and about his upcoming album.

mint-conditionMint Condition: The R&B quintet from St. Paul, Minn.—who charted in the ‘90s with tracks like If You Love Me and Ready or Not—drops in on host Suncera Johnson to chat about their new single Caught My Eye, and about their house-band gig on TV One’s Way Back When.

dan-patrickDan Patrick: The co-host of NBC’s Football Night in America, who also hosts an eponymous show on Premiere Radio Networks—and writes for Sports Illustrated—drops in on Milford CT Radio to preview the 2011 gridiron season.

att-montelwilliams1Montel Williams: The former talk-show king chats about living with multiple sclerosis. “One of the symptoms is that about 30 to 40 percent of us feel something called an ‘MS hug,’” he tells Living Smart & Well. It happened to me in Las Vegas… I thought I was having a heart attack.”

jesse-epps3Jesse Epps: The former AFSCME national organizer (circled), who was a close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King—and was at the minister’s side when he was shot in 1968—sits down with host Joyce Barrie to commemorate our slain leader during Black History Month.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Player Greg Ellis, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ Composer Kimberley Rew and Hurdling Champ Berhawn Jackson Today on BlogTalkRadio

greg-ellisGreg Ellis: The British heartthrob who has appeared opposite Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean sits down with Movie Addict Headquarters host Betty Jo Tucker to chat about this year’s installment—in (what else?) 3D—titled On Stranger Tides.

bershawn-batman-jacksonBershawn ‘Batman’ Jackson: The Miami-born 2010 U.S. Outdoor National 400m hurdles champion, who also snagged a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, stops by the Get Up Show to talk with host Chris LaMonica about his training regimen for the 2012 Olympics in London.

kimberley-rewKimberley Rew: The British songwriter—who’s perhaps best known for penning Walking on Sunshine for Katrina and the Waves, as well as The Bangles’ Going Down to Liverpool, stops by Icon Fetch to talk with host Tony Peters about his “best of” CD and upcoming gigs.

jessica-anya-blauJessica Anya Blau: The author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties—which New York magazine called “a witty account of the agonies and ecstasies of a girl coming of age”—stops by Book Club Girl to chat about her new novel, Drinking Closer to Home.

att-larry-fitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald: The superstar NFL wide receiver recalls starting out as a ball boy for the Vikings, and how he perceived his gratuities from the players: “When you’re 13 years old, if a dude hands you 5 dollars, that’s a come-up any way you look at it,” he tells the Bottom Line Sports Show’s Gerald Brown.

maggie-peterson1Maggie Peterson: The actress who played Charlene Darling Wash opposite Andy Griffith and Ron Howard on The Andy Griffith Show drops in on The Drew Show to look back on her TV career, which also included guest turns on Love American Style, Green Acres and The Odd Couple.

Rich Little, ‘The Cape’ Star Vinnie Jones and Brad and Barry Klinge from Discovery’s “Ghost Lab” Today on BlogTalkRadio

rich-littleRich Little: The Man of a Thousand Voices—which range from Alfred Hitchcock to Winston Churchil—sits down with The NeverHood host Ethan Tudor W to chat about his six decades in showbiz, his favorite famous figures, his long-running Vegas show, and his new projects.

vinnie-jones1Vinnie Jones: The actor who made his name as Juggernaut in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand drops in on Milling About to talk with host Robin Milling about his latest role, as Scale on NBC’s The Cape—and about harassing co-star David Lyons about a $600 Jeep Wrangler.

att-sugarrayleonrad1Sugar Ray Leonard
: The Olympic gold medalist, who was the first boxer to earn more than $100 million, reflects on his philanthropic efforts: “I’ve done a lot of work in conjunction with various charities, just trying to give service, lend a hand, use whatever celebrity I have to make that awareness,” he tells Bottom Line Sports Show hosts Gerald Brown and Jonathan Foy.

brad-barry-klingeBrad & Barry Klinge: The sibling stars of Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab drop in on L.E.P. Radio hosts Steve Rogers and Shawn McMahon to talk about their work as paranormal investigators—and their feud with Ghost Hunters star Jason Hawes.

Debi Mazar, Nia Long, Chris Burke and Jacoby Jones Today on BlogTalkRadio

debbie-mazarDebi Mazar: The New York City native who made her name opposite Ray Liotta in GoodFellas—before going on star in the HBO’s Entourage—drops in with hubby Gabriele Corcos to chat with host Olivia Wilder about their new Cooking Channel series, Extra Virgin.

nia-long1Nia Long: The actress known for her roles in such big-screen outings as Soul Food, Love Jones and Big Momma’s House stops by Keeping It Reel to talk with host Tim Gordon about her upcoming indie fick, Mooz-Lum, co-starring Danny Glover.

chris-burkeChris Burke: The actor who, as Corky on ABC’s Life Goes On, struck a victory for people with Down Syndrome, drops in on Matty P’s Happy Hour host Matthew Picone to chat about his upcoming roles. Plus: Cheesy from VH1’s I Love New York 2.

att-faithevansFaith Evans: The Grammy-winning diva recalls her 3-year marriage to slain rapper Biggie Smalls. “It was such a short-lived relationship,” she tells The Mutha Knows Show host Mutha. “But because we had so much fun, it ultimately overshadowed a lot of the not-so-fun parts.

jacoby-jonesJacoby Jones: The Houston Texans wide receiver sits down with the Get Up Show host Chris LaMonica to talk about the 2010 NFL season, and about his victory last month in the Visa Men’s Super 60m Race at the 104th Millrose Games in New York City.

Dick Gregory, Jake Silbermann, Frank Fontana and Wayne Brady Today on BlogTalkRadio

dick-gregoryDick Gregory: The veteran satirist—who, throughout the ‘60s, ’70s and ‘80s, was instrumental in the civil-rights and feminist movements while helping to unify white and black audiences—sits down with The Artivist host Ron Herd to chat about his storied career.

jake-silbermannJake Silbermann: The actor who plays Noah Mayer on As the World Turns, and has also done guest turns on Gossip Girl and Guiding Light, drops in on BlazinRy to dish with host Ryan Holmes about his new flick, Stuffer, which was named Best Short by The Royal Flush Film Festival.

vanessa-williams-4Vanessa Willams: The Desperate Houswives star, whose most recent marriage—to former LA Laker Rick Fox—ended in 2004, tells Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone that her ideal V-Day gift this year would be “maybe to have a date. That would help. Right now I have no Valentine’s Day plans.”

att-waynebrady2Wayne Brady: The improv virtuoso reveals that he wipes his mind clean after his Vegas shows, so that each performance will be fresh. On the other hand, as he tells Somewhere in Vegas host Marq with a Q, “Johnathan, my partner, and I were doing a mermaid scene and we both dumped ourselves in water and stripped down to our underwear.”

frank-fontana5Frank Fontana: The DOWN and DIRTY host welcomes sommelier Michael Bottigliero, aka the Windy City Wine Guy, who’ll fill us in on pairing the best vino with your Valentine’s Day dinner. Plus: Chicago Wine Cellar Expert owner Rick Grigsby talks building custom wine racks.

rene-clausenRené Clausen: The conductor of the Concordia Choir of Moorehead, Minn., stops by The African American Voice in Classical Music to chat with host Patrick D. McCoy about the choir’s upcoming tour, and Feb. 19 performance at National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C.

Diahann Carroll, Rodney Allen Rippy and Olympic Gold Medalist Diane Dixon on BlogTalkRadio

Diane Dixon: The Olympic gold medalist, who holds the American record for fastest time in the 4 x 400 metres race, recalls how she talked her way into her first professional race. “I saw this guy with Gucci loafers, no socks, an Izod shirt,” she tells host Chris LaMonica as part of our 28 Days of Black History Makers series, presented by AT&T. “I walked over to him, I said, ‘Hi, my name’s Diane Dixon.’ And Fred said, ‘I have enough runners.’ And I said, ‘Yea, but you don’t have me!’”

diahann-carrollDiahann Carroll: The Tony Award winner, who last month was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame, stops by Buzzworthy Radio to chat with host NaVell Lee about her guest role opposite fellow show-biz legend Billy Dee Williams on the USA Network series White Collar.

rodney-allen-rippyRodney Allen Rippy: The former child actor, whose ‘70s Jack in the Box ads—to say nothing of his Tonight Show appearances—made him a pop-culture icon, stops by The NeverHood to talk with host Ethan Tudor W about his current work for Hurricane Housing Relief. laura-lippmanLaura Lippman: The New York Times bestselling author sits down with Book Club Girl to chat about her new novel, The Girl in the Green Raincoat, which tells the story of a pregnant private detective in her third trimester who must investigate a missing person—without ever leaving her bedroom.

patrick-fabianPatick Fabian: The Last Exorcism hunk, who has a recurring part on HBO’s Big Love, sits down with Movie Addict Headquarters host Betty Jo Tucker to chat about his starring role opposite Melissa Peterman and Ed Asner on CMT’s new scripted comedy series Working Class.

drew-seeleyDrew Seeley: The Canadian star of Glory Daze—which follows a group of college freshmen who pledge an Animal House-like frat during the ‘80s—drops back in on The VRO host Amy McCracken to chat about the TBS sitcom, and his pop-music career.

Vanessa Williams, ‘True Grit’ Star Kim Darby and Pop Dup Official Hot Mess and More on BlogTalkRadio

vanessa-williamsVanessa Willams: The actress known for her roles on Desperate Houswives and Ugly Betty stops by Film Festival Radio to talk with host Janice Malone about the new NBC series Who Do You Think You Are? which traces the lineages of celebritrated Americans.

chenoa-maxwellChenoa Maxwell: The actress-photographer—who has appeared in such flicks as Hav Plenty and Lenox Avenue—sits down with Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon to chat about her dual careers, and why she now pursues life behind the lens instead of in front of the camera.

official-hot-mess11Official Hot Mess: The red-hot pop duo—sisters Kristy and Lindsey Landers—drop in on Artists on Demand to hang with host Vicky Gorman while chatting up their spanking new video Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round, which has hit No. 1 on MTV’s Top 100.

kim-darbyKim Darby: The actress who played Mattie Ross in the original, Oscar-winning Western True Grit—before going on to star in such flicks as The One and Only and Teen Wolf Too—returns to The NeverHood to chat with Ethan Tudor W about the acting craft.

chris-dawson1Chris Dawson: Is technology an aspect of education in which we can ensure a level playing field? Education tech reporter Chris Dawson joins MashUp Radio host Peter Biddle to examine how the two can work in tandem, and whether the netbook or the iPad is better suited for today’s classrooms.