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8 Places to Find Resources for Podcasters


The web is a goldmine of information. You can find just information on any topic, and most of it is quite useful. Take podcasting. Though BlogTalkRadio provides so many tools to make your online radio experience simple and user friendly, there’s still so much more to learn. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out the podcasting resources available to learn tips for promotion, topics, equipment and more. To help you out a little, I’ve compiled a list of places to find podcasting resources. Check it out:

  1. Podcasting News offers the most up to date information on everything podcasting. News, tips and even a regular listing of podcasting jobs, this is one for your Google Reader.
  2. Podcasting Tools is a website offering a wide assortment of information for podcasters including definitions, links to podcasting wikis, podcasting tutorials, history and more.
  3. The San Diego College of Education has a thorough list of resources for educational podcasting including production tips, content tips and links to other educational podcasts.
  4. Podagogy – “Where podcasting meets teaching and learning” – offers a great list of definitions, hints and links to how-to’s.
  5. Apple & iTunes feature some terrific tips for podcasters.
  6. In July 2007, Mashable posted a massive list of podcasting resources. Most of those are still relevant today.
  7. The Kenton County School District also has a worthy list of resources for podcasters.
  8. Feed For All has an interesting list of tools for podcasters.

Do you have any favorite resources you’d like to share with the BlogTalkRAdio community?