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Cinema Royale Breaks Down Film Podcasting

Cinema RoyaleThis week, host and film critic Travis Hopson visited BlogTalkRadio University to share tips on how to host a successful film podcast. Travis started out hosting Punchdrunk Critics on BlogTalkRadio a few years back and just this year branched off to do a solo podcast on the network called Cinema Royale. He has interviewed some really spectacular talent in the movie biz including his recent interview with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost who you may know from their work on the box office smash trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End

Listen as Travis walks you through the best way to approach talent, develop your show and gain credibility in the film world with your podcast. Even if you’re not a film buff, you will learn something new – we promise!  Tune in here.

Travis will be interviewing actor Eric Bana this Friday about his new thriller Closed Circuit. You can tune in here to that episode.    Be sure to follow Cinema Royale to keep up with Travis’s upcoming interviews and reach out to him on Twitter @punchycritic if you have any follow-up questions or just want to connect with him.

How to Land Great Guests According to Host Paul Lawrence Vann

Paul Lawrence Vann, Host of The Wealthy Speaker Show on BlogTalkRadioWe were happy to welcome BlogTalkRadio veteran host, Paul Lawrence Vann to BlogTalkRadio University recently. During his 5 years on the network, he has hosted over 400 episodes of The Wealthy Speaker Show, interviewing bestselling authors, social media experts, actors, relationship gurus, creative thought leaders, and more.

On the show with us, he shared his wisdom for landing great guests & more valuable hosting tips.  Tune in here.



How To Create A Sticky Angle For Your Next Radio Show/Podcast

Many new hosts on BlogTalkRadio come to us for advice on how to get great guests, but big name guests are not the only way to grow and develop your show as we learned on a recent BlogTalkRadio University interview with BTR host, Halli Casser-Jayne.  In the beginning, it may be difficult to land a famous guest, but what you can do is put some creativity into figuring out interesting angles to attract listeners and keep them tuning in.  Over time and after your show has built up credibility and an audience, getting those big guests will get easier.  You may even find yourself having to turn some away, as many of our more veteran hosts on the network have to do quite often.

Halli is new to BlogTalkRadio and the host of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, which features guests from the world of politics, books, art, culture, and celebrity.  Although her show is new to BlogTalkRadio, Halli is actually a seasoned interviewer in her own right.  She started her career as a radio host on WNYW, served as a foreign correspondent in war-torn Central America and is the celebrated author of A Year In My Pajamas with President Obama.

In a short time on BlogTalkRadio, Halli has grown her audience of listeners very quickly, not only because of the caliber of guests she has on her show, but also because of the thought and creativity she puts into figuring out an angle for each episode.  During our interview, she shared some tips and insight into interviewing and figuring out a sticky angle.  That angle may not include a celebrity guest, but it could be about a topic that is trending or popular or just plain interesting.  For instance, Halli mentioned that one show she did all about ice cream was actually one of her most popular episodes.  In addition, she has hosted shows on topics such as film noir, street performers and more.  Tune in to Halli’s interview to get the lowdown from an expert host.  Listen now.