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125 million Americans suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome.  Are you one of them?  Optometrist and author Dr. Jeffrey Anshel joins Dr. Val to discuss what happens to our eyes when using the computer and digital devices and offer tips on what we can do to minimize or prevent eye strain, discomfort, and fatigue from computer or small device use.   Tune in Here.

On the latest edition of Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes designer, decorator, and television host Monica Pedersen to the studio.   She and Frank are old HGTV buddies, and she’s stopping by to talk about the latest happenings in her life as well as for a Designed to Sell mini-reunion with DIY’s  very own Robert North.  In the Craftsmanship segment, Frank welcomes Lupita Kuri of the Sweet Ride cupcake truck to the studio to chat about how her business has taken off, and how she was featured on a recent edition of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  Tune in Here.

Tom Oliver is the Founder and CEO of the World Peace Festival and the World Peace Partnership. Hailed by the CEO of Interbrand as “the portal to millions of next-generation trendsetters and early adopters”, the WPF is the biggest peace event in history, with a target audience of over 1 billion people.  He joins Deepak Chopra Radio to discuss this  first worldwide peace initiative bringing together the leaders of business, politics, military, music, film, art and the Nobel Peace Prize winners. Tune in Here.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Higlights

Senator and United States Presidential candidate Rick Santorum joins Success City Radio from his Nevada campaign trail in Las Vegas, Nevada. Senator Santorum, a favorite of conservatives, discusses his campaign thus far and what he expects , and is looking to gain more momentum in Nevada.  Tune in Here.

Daniel Radcliffe is a boy wizard no more. He finally sheds the ghost of Harry Potter in The Woman in Black. Daniel joins Milling About and talks about making the important transition from a young actor who we watched growing up on screen to a young man.  Tune in Here.

2011 WNBA MVP Tamika Catchings of the Indiana Fever comes on the HITS Radio Show to discuss the upcoming 2012 WNBA season, her Catching the Stars Foundation, and much more.  Tune in Here.

Joy Keys chats actor Andre Royo to talk about his role as Coffey in the movie Red Tails, and his iconic role as Bubbles in the critically acclaimed HBO show The Wire.  Tune in Here.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Critically acclaimed actor Antonio Banderas catches up with The Movie Geeks United and chats about his remarkable film career (Shrek, The Mask of Zorro, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) and his new film The Skin I Live In, which is written and directed by the legendary Pedro Almodovar.  Peter Bradshaw, a film critic for The Guardian, described Banderas’ role in The Skin I live In as a “wonderfully charismatic leading man; Almodóvar has found in him what Hitchcock found in Cary Grant. He is stylish, debonair, but with a chilling touch of determination and menace.”

Fitsmiformoms features a special episode that includes a lively conversation with esteemed three-term former NYC mayor Ed Koch.  In this episode, Ed discusses his new book for kids Eddie Shapes Up and how his overweight childhood inspired and influenced the idea to write a children’s health book, and what he hopes the book can achieve.

The Matty Ps Radio Happy Hour features a hot show that includes a visit from stars of the hit television show The Girls Next Door, Kristina & Karissa Shannon.  Hugh Hefner’s infamous ex-girlfriends discuss their time on the show and what they have moved on to since appearing in Season 6.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Americana Music welcomes comedian/actor Kevin Nealon to the show to discuss his career and banjo playing, among other things. Kevin is known for his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and his portrayal of the character Doug on the hit television show, Weeds.

The Matty P Radio Happy Hour welcomed a star studded cast last week that included reality star turned musician, Tila Tequila! Tila discusses her new hit single ” You Can Dance.” The show also welcomes former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Ricco Rodriguez.

Buzz On Broad Sports Talk Radio welcomes former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and special teams standout Vince Papale. Vince is known from the 2006 movie Invincible, which covers his inspirational journey to becoming a Philadelphia Eagle.  Vince talks about the movie, his new book and much more!

In Politics Talk Radio, Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Jim DeMint (R-SC) join AACONS. Senator Lee is the author of the recently released book, The Freedom Agenda. Senator DeMint authored Saving Freedom and makes his fourth appearance on the show.

Elizabeth Letchworth, Former Secretary of the Senate, Hosts New Show On BTR

Blog Talk Radio is proud to introduce Elizabeth Letchworth’s new show to our Politics category.  Letchworth worked in the U.S. Senate for 26 years, serving as Secretary of the Senate from 1995-2001. Fueled by her passion for politics, she founded Gradegov.com, a site that empowers citizens to voice their opinions on elected officials. On her BTR show, Elizabeth provides updated reviews of members of Congress, as well as her inside scoop on Congress in general and other political issues. On her first show, she will speak on the balanced budget amendment.

‘Midnight at the Oasis’ Singer Maria Muldaur, ‘Die Hard’ Star Robert Davi and Astrologist Susan Miller Today on BlogTalkRadio

maria-muldaurMaria Muldaur: The folk singer best known—and beloved—for her 1974 hit Midnight at the Oasis stops by Icon Fetch to chat with host Tony Peters about her latest CD Garden of Joy, a collection of jug-band tunes featuring old pals John Sebastian and Dave Grisman.

robert-daviRobert Davi: The actor who has graced such hit flicks as Die Hard and License to Kill drops in on Enlisted Spouse Radio host Beth Wilson to fill us in on his Jan. 15 Frank Sinatra tribute concert in Los Angeles—where he’ll be backed by a 50-piece orchestra.

kris-williamsKris Williams: The former flooring installer—who’s been tracing her family’s roots since she was 11—drops in on Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone to chat about the new season of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, which gets under way tomorrow night, with a visit to Hamlet’s castle.

susan-millerSusan Miller: The Cosmo Girl astrologist—whose book Planets and Possibilities was praised by Liz Smith for its “truly human, feeling and acute intelligence”—drops in on Breaking Through host Georgiann Kiricoples to offer a celestial forecast for the New Year.

michael-badnarikMichael Badnarik: The author of Good to Be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom—a software engineer who was the Libertarian Party nominee in the ’04 presidential race—chats with America 9-1-1 host Dan Baltes about the newly GOP-heavy Congress.

At the Helm of Forbes

Forbes.  The name is synonymous with American business, thanks largely to its namesake family.  steveforbes

Steve Forbes, publisher and businessman, is at the helm of the company as the editor-in-chief of top business magazine Forbes, its online property Forbes.com, as well as president and CEO of its publisher, Forbes Inc.

Beyond business, Steve is very active politically, participating as a Republican candidate in the U.S. Presidential primaries in 1996 and 2000.

Tonight Steve Forbes joins African American Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio to discuss how Forbes.com is moving into the social media space, plus his work with advocacy organizations,  his work as a panelist on TV program, Forbes on Fox, and his books.

Tune in tonight for the latest from Steve Forbes.

What Would Andrew Say?

Where is the intersection of Hollywood and politics?breitbart

Just ask one of today’s big guests, Andrew Breitbart, bestselling author, online contributor, and publisher of the news aggregation portals Breitbart.com and Breitbart.tv.  His answers may surprise you.

Andrew joins African American Conservatives tonight to dish on the latest with Big Hollywood, his group blog on what’s happening in Hollywood and politics from the center/right perspective, as well as Big Government, which has broken several high profile new stories.

Breitbart also chats about the aim and perspective of his latest group blog, Big Journalism, which launched in January 2010.

Tune into the interview tonight at 10pm ET or on demand here.

stagerightAnd while we’re at it, check out a related BlogTalkRadio show, Stage Right Radio, hosted by the blogger of the same name from Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.  (Recent guests have included Adam Baldwin, star of NBC’s Chuck, actor Gary Graham of Alien Nation and Star Trek fame, and film director Jake Rademacher, of Brothers At War.)