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Dr. Blogstein Makes His TV Debut! (sort of)

And you thought Dr. Blogstein had a face just for radio.

Turns out, the host of the ever-popular Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour is also a budding screen star – provided you include YouTube in the “screen” category.

THAT’S the good Doctor? B-lieve it!

THAT’S the good Doctor? B-lieve it!

Still, we were tickled pink to see Dr. B. turn up in a cameo role in the cyber-comedy Poor Paul.

In this week’s episode of the Woody Allen-influenced series, the BlogTalkRadio funnyman appears as Los Angeles deejay K-Dawg.

The boys arrive in NYC.

Casting a 'Paul': The boys arrive in NYC.

So not to spoil the story line, we won’t tell you any more, except to say Dr. B. plays a key role in bringing the show’s three stars to the Big Apple for some hilarious misadvent- ures – including a trip to a strip club and run-in with a numbers runner for the mob.

To see the show, click here.

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