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SAJA Helps Keep South Asian Communities Informed in Wake of Mumbai Attacks

For the past two days, SAJA host Sree Sreenivasan has been working tirelessly to share news and information on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, with South Asian communities and journalists throughout the world.



And in the coming days, the Columbia University journalism professor and co-founder of the South Asian Journalists Association will continue his live 90-minute specials every 12 hours, with the next report beginning today at 10 p.m. New York City time. 

To access SAJA’s complete coverage, click here.

Meanwhile, PoynterOnline has recognized the organization’s efforts, calling SAJA “a group too small to even be part of the UNITY journalism coalition,” though nonetheless “showing itself once again to be the ‘little organization that could.’”

For more on SAJA’s coverage of the tragic events in Mumbai, click here to read the Poynter story.

BlogTalkRadio extends its thanks to Sree and his team for their efforts to keep the South Asian communities connected during this difficult time.