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Submitting Your Show To Be Featured Can Pay Off

We get quite a few questions from hosts on how they can submit their show to be featured on BlogTalkRadio‘s homepage so we decided to dedicate a whole Planning Committee show on the topic.  Listen in to get some valuable tips and tricks. Tune in.

Why Submit Your Show?

If selected by our Editorial team, your show could appear on the top of the homepage in our Staff Picks section and be seen by millions of visitors to our site.  So remember, every time you schedule a new episode of your show that features a notable guest or trending topic, don’t forget to submit it!


How To Submit Your Show

1.    Click on “My Account” in your dropdown menu.

2.    Click on “Feature my show” under “My BlogTalkRadio”

3.    In the “Feature my show” tab, fill out the necessary info at the bottom of the form.

4.    Click “Submit”

For more tips on submitting your show, visit this post.