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The Power of Conversation in Broadcasting

Old fashioned radio disc jockey broadcasting

Having a conversation is something we do all the time, a part of everyday life. However, the power of the humble conversation as a marketing tool is being re-evaluated by marketers around the world as they are starting to see what an integral part of a communications strategy it can be – especially when it comes to broadcast media.  AdWeek stated that

the lack of strong scripting creates a spontaneous flow, which leads listeners to repeat these conversations to their peers, their friends and their families, creating their own versions of the discussion and making new connections.”

This is particularly applicable to radio where conversations have the opportunity to last for longer periods of time compared to TV or video, meaning that in turn they become more natural and consequently draw listeners in. So, let’s take a look at conversation and how you can use it to your advantage in your content strategy!

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What’s New on BlogTalkRadio’s Featured Stations

On the past  episode of the Todd Griffiths show, Todd discusses some of the fascinating turns of events around gold and the leaders who are putting their faith in tangible assets.  Also, Trump accepts gold instead of dollars from tenant, Utah makes gold a legal tender – What does The Donald and Utah have in common?  Tune into the Todd Griffiths show to find out.

The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana kicked off Season 3 this week with a special show that features multimedia star, Greg Fitzsimmons, who you may have seen on late night television or heard on his own Howard 101 SiriusXM program. He’s on tour right now, and Frank and the gang have him on the phone to talk about where you can see him live and in person.

Does the Glass Ceiling still exist for women in the workforce?  This past week’s episode on The Financial Women Radio Show has the answer to this question as FinancialWoman.com Founder ,Camille Gaines interviews Kathlene Mullens, MLHR, SPHR, and founder and CEO of Female Equality Matters.


Enhancing Your BlogTalkRadio Show with Cinch

cinch-logoBlogTalkRadio was launched in September of 2006 as the dream of a man and his father to give blogs the ability to talk.  Over 3 years later, integrating the best of social media and telecommunications, BlogTalkRadio has become a thriving live internet radio and podcasting platform. Our new sister site, Cinch, which launched this October, now provides another tool for those seeking to record audio and share it online.  In addition, users can add text and photos to the audio and automatically syndicate it to Facebook and Twitter.

As a host on BlogTalkRadio, you might wonder, “What can Cinch do for me?”  We wanted to share some ways that you can you use the Cinch tool to enhance your BlogTalkRadio show hosting experience:

1) Easily record interviews while on location

Capture on-the-spot interviews using the Cinch iPhone app or another cell phone.  While at a conference, in a meeting, or at a concert or sporting event, you can conduct an interview immediately without any additional tools, and later upload it to your BlogTalkRadio account for a future show.

2) Promote your show

Use Cinch to record show promos to attract listeners.  Cinch provides many outlets to share your show promos across the web. Easily embed audio cinches in your newsletters, blogs, and websites where you already promote your show. Automatically share them on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network sites where your target listeners gather.

3) Promote your business or services

Your BlogTalkRadio show provides an interactive forum to establish your thought leadership and expertise and can help to grow your business. Similarly, you can use Cinch to record audio ads to feature during your show.  With your phone or the iPhone app, you can create short promotional messages regarding your services, or record testimonials from clients and easily save them for later download and publishing. With Cinch, you can create separate public and private albums, so if you don’t want to share these audio clips right away, you can save them to a private folder for later use.

4) Engage your audience using Cinch

Use Cinch is to get your listeners more involved in your BlogTalkRadio show. Challenge your listeners to send in audio clips created using Cinch for Q&A sessions or contests (great product ideas, funniest jokes, etc.).  This application of Cinch is useful if you’re interviewing a celebrity who is adamant about not taking live callers. Using Cinch, you can prerecord questions that can be shared with guests beforehand and played during the show.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Cinch to enhance your BlogTalkRadio show experience. We encourage you to sign-up and test out Cinch. If you think of other great ways for BlogTalkRadio hosts to use the Cinch tools, we would love to hear them. Feel free to contact us at support@BlogTalkRadio.com.