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It’s An Exploratory Edition of ‘The Mix’

This week, The Daily Mix boldly goes where no edition of the show has gone before.

That means we’ll be unearthing the answers to such questions as:

—Which cast member of the smash-hit Star Trek prequel all but admits to having explored Brad Pitt in the Biblical sense.

—Why another cast member from the Star Trek prequel says, “I don’t think we’ve discovered a Latino planet yet.”

CAPTION: “I’ve never had a hot flash, I’ve never had any kind of dryness, I’ve never had loss of libido,” Marilu (above) ‘fesses up to us.

“I’ve never had a hot flash, I’ve never had any kind of dryness, I’ve never had loss of libido,” Marilu (above) tells us unsolicitedly.

—Why R&B bad boy Ray J claims to have down away with his one-night explorations of the fair sex – but in the very next breath says, “It at least gotta be two nights.”

—Which Beverly Hills 90210 cast member introduced Prom Night star Brittany Snow to Ryan Rottman – who in turn wound up exploring the actor/producer in great detail.

—How come, despite being 57 years old, Marilu Henner never got to explore the wonders menopause?

—Why – despite having explor- ed countless galaxies – William Shatner can never seem place Leonard Nimoy’s son when he sees the younger Nimoy on the street.

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!

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Ray J: ‘I’m a One-Woman Man!’ (And, Danger, You Were Trippin’)


“I got calls from the set saying Danger almost killed the doctors at the hospital,” Ray J (above) tells us.

Despite his heart-breaker past, Ray J says his dog days are gone for good.

This week on One Night Stand, host Monica Leon asks the R&B bad boy:

“Do you having any crazy one-night stands you want to talk about?”

“I ain’t really doin’ one-night stands no more,” says Ray J.

Still, Monica presses on, asking, “Are you all wifed-out now? You a one-woman man?”

To which Ray J quips, “It at least gotta be two nights.”

But Monica presses further, this time with, “Are you a one-woman man?”

“Hell, yea, I’m a one-woman man!” Ray J replies. “Absolutely. One hundred percent.”

If Monica sounds like she has more than a mere journalistic interest in Ray J’s romantic life, it’s no wonder.

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“I am not going to let you come on my radio show and lie,” Monica (above) warns Ray J.

Earlier this year, she was one of 14 honeys competing for the One Wish singer’s affection on For the Love of Ray J.

But on the second-to-last episode of VH1 reality series, Ray J told Monica—aka Danger— he was sending her home because he feared for her health, mental stability and safety.

And apparently there’s still some unfinished business between the pair because moments after Ray J calls into One Night Stand, he says:

“Danger, you need to let’m know how it really went down at the end. Like you know when I wanted to see your people, you started trippin’ out and you wanted to go to the hospital… And you know that.”

Monica’s response?

“Ray, you know that’s a bunch of bull – – – -.”

During For the Love of Ray J’s run in February, Monica alleged that she was pregnant with Ray J’s baby, though later retracted that claim on her MySpace blog.

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