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BC Radio Welcomes Music Producer Marty Thau

Marty Thau, American rock ‘n’ roll entrepreneur and music producer, joins Blog Critics Radio tonight at 9pm ET to talk about his upcoming memoir, “The Red Star Chronicles.”

thau.jpgJoin hosts Phillip Winn and Eric Olsen LIVE tonight at 9pm ET on BC Radio. Thau is best known as the founder of Red Star Records in 1977, arguably America’s first post ‘60s indie punk/new wave label. He’s also known for being the manager of the New York Dolls and co-producer of Suicide’s classic self-titled album.

After the Dolls disbanded in 1975 Thau entered New York’s underground demimonde and was integral to the scene’s development as a spawning ground of punk-new wave stars. He is acknowledged as such in the Encyclopedia of Record Producers, a Billboard Magazine reference book that lists the 500 most important record producers in music history and behind the scenes heroes of popular music.

In addition to the Dolls, he worked with the Ramones, Blondie, Brian Setzer and Richard Hell & The Voidoids,
and produced Suicide, the Real Kids, the Fleshtones, Martin Rev and Walter Steding for his Red Star Records label.