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Weekly Best: Friday; September 27, 2010


Prolific TV writer-producer Stephen J. Cannell has passed away. But despite 4 decades of success— and a 9-figure fortune—he strove to raise good kids. “You want them to be hard workers and care about other people’s feelings,” he told Shawn Daily of The Daily Mix just last year, “and not become Hollywood brats.”

In 1987, well before he signed a deal to develop a show about nothing, Jerry Seinfeld had nothing but the highest of standards in mind for such a sitcom. “I have no desire to be part of most of the crap you see on TV, just so I could say, ‘Hey, I got a TV show!’” he told host Robin Milling.

More than a year after Patrick Swayze passed away, his wife, Lisa Niemi,  still shudders at how the tabs fabricated tales of his condition: “They were showing photos of his father and sister’s grave with an arrow pointing to where Patrick wanted to be buried—which was not true, she told Matthew Zachary and Lisa Bernhard of The Stupid Cancer Show.

Six-time Grammy champ John Legend chatted about the track he wrote for the new docu Waiting for “Superman,” titled Shine. “It was inspired by the stories of the kids in the film,” he told FilmGordon Radio. “Their future is determined in some ways by a lottery that picks which school they get to go to.”

Host Timothy Hodge got busy with budding pop stars Savannah and Amanda Burhoe, aka Savvy & Mandy. The delightful Radio Disney duo, whose debut single, Waiting for Heartbreak, was featured on MTV’s Newport Harbor, sampled their latest track, Words.

Film Festival Radio’s Janice Malone kicked it with Regina Hall, who plays Evelyn Price on Law & Order: Los Angeles—and who’s addicted to Oxygen’s true-crime series Snapped: “I can watch episode after episode. Five in a row. It’s not like you’re crazy, but you are like WHOA!”

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