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Blurb! Book of the Week: Rick Robinson’s ‘Sniper Bid’

Disclosure No. 1: We’re humongous fans of Robert B. Parker, the Boston-based of author so many brilliant Spenser novels—which more than do justice to the memories of noir masters Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

That said, you can imagine how thrilled we were that this week’s Blurb! Book of the Week honors go to Rick Robinson, whose Sniper Bid sounds like it’ll be right up our alley.

CAPTION: Rick: Rocks Fiction Week with nail-biting Beltway tale.

Rick: Rocks Fiction Week with nail-biting Beltway tale.

The 224-page novel, which was a 2009 Indie Book Award Finalist, tells the story of freshman Congressman Richard Thompson, “who is enjoying his new life on Capitol Hill when the death of a colleague thrusts him into the national spotlight on a major issue: performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports.

“As he presses Congress for new standards on the abuse of steroids, someone wants him quieted. The only question is, who?”

An attorney living in Ft. Mitchell, Ky., Rick served a stint on Capitol Hill, as legislative director and chief counsel to then-Congressman Jim Bunning (R) of the Bluegrass State. He also ran for U.S. Congress Continue reading