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Fantasy Sports Channel Kicks off NFL Draft Weekend Marathon

The day of reckoning for hundreds of collegiate football stars is just around the corner.

Will they be snatched up by the NFL – or cast out into the real working world?

This season, there’s no need to miss a moment of the drama because The Fantasy Sports Channel is rushing an unprecedented event your way.nfl_draft_300x250

Beginning Saturday, April 25 at 10 a.m. ET, we’ll bring you 25 hours of live gridiron- pick coverage on Draft Weekend 2009.

More than 30 of our all-star fantasy-sportscasters from 18 shows will be following the action as it unfolds.

Better still, they’ll be doing it with a fan- tasy football twist.

What’s more, All Access Football host Rick Serritella will be live on press row at Radio City Musical Hall in New York – the official site of the NFL draft – during Day One and Day Two of the marathon special.

Here’s the full Draft Weekend schedule (all times ET):

Saturday, April 25
—10am: Fantasy Football Facts
—11am: All Access Football
—12pm: Johnny Archive
—1pm: Inside the Trenches
—2pm: Red vs. Blue
—3pm: The Thundering Blurb
—5pm: The Fantasy Football Guys
—6pm: Fantasy Sports Group
—7pm: Fantasy Sharks
—8pm: Two Feet in Bounds
—9pm: Radio Grumblings
—11pm: RotoRadio

Sunday, April 26
—9:30am: All Access Football
—11am: The Scott Engel Show
—12pm: Fantasy Sharks
—1pm: 643 Sports
—2pm: Inside the Trenches
—3pm: Fantasy Football Roundtable
—5pm: Johnny Archive
—7pm: Phat Guys on Fantasy
—8pm: The Fantasy Exchange
—10pm: Fantasy Sharks
—11pm: Sports from Frankie’s Point of View

To tune into Draft Weekend 2009 on The Fantasy Sports Channel, click here.

Not Only Did I Use Steroids, 20% of All College Players Did, Too, Former NFL Star Tells BlogTalkRadio

Three days ago on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Tony Mandarich, who played three seasons with the Green Bay Packers, admitted he used steroids while running the field for Michigan State back in the 80s.

Now he’s indicting an enormous chuck of his fellow college players for the same sin.

Two out of ten college players "shot" to the top with me.

Mandarich: Twenty percent of all college players shot up with me.

On the Oct. 3 edition of BlogTalkRadio’s All Access Football, Tony told host Rick Serritella that two out of every ten players injected as well.

Here’s precisely what Tony, who’s working on a book about his steroid use that’s scheduled to be published in March 2009, said to Rick:

RICK SERRITELLA: How about when you were playing – when you had the shoulder pads on 20 years ago – would you feel comfortable putting a percentage on the amount of players you saw using steroids, would you feel comfortable doing that?

TONY MANDRICH: As far as in college football?

RS: Sure.

TM: I would say, ahm, 20 percent. So I would say two out of every ten. So if you have 100 on your team, I would say 20.  I would say 20 percent would be a good, average of how many players were on it.  Now, that’s for when I played.

To hear Tony’s full interview, click here.