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Programming Highlights; June 27, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:


bobby-messanoAt 6 PM Heavy Metal Mayhem rocks out with Grammy-nominated Starz guitarist Bobby Messano, who has also gigged with Peter Criss, Steve Winwood and Lou Gramm. Plus: Swedish guitar master Jayce Landberg.


jasonweems At 8 PM The Wheelhouse hosts Michael Bower and Chris Cause mix it up with Jason Weems from Season 7 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, who also took first place in the 2007 DC Improv Showcase. The funnyman will fill us in on his upcoming gigs, while offering up his trademark riffs.


sherrilewisAt 9 PM POZ I AM Radio host Robert Breining goes one-on-one with Sherri Beachfront Lewis, who was diagnosed HIV-positive in 1987 after a routine blood test for her marriage license. Fortunately, she’s alive and well today, and coordinating HIV/AIDS research and advocacy efforts.


blythebeck-1 Also at 9 PM Host Olivia Wilder is back from hiatus, and reminding everyone to “Grab your filthy dirty martinis—and let’s talk food and wine!” To that bibulous end, she welcomes The Naughty Chef‘s Blythe Beck, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills’ Manouschka and the Wine Curmudgeon Jeff Siegel.


courtney-gains At 11 PM Francy and Friends host Francy Weatherman gets up close and personal with Courtney Gains, who has appeared on such hit shows as Alias and Monk. The L.A. native will chat about his new flick Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness.


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Programming Highlights; May 23, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:


aaronfresh-scrollerAt 11:30 AM Host Timothy Hodge hangs with Def Jam recording artist Aaron Fresh. The 17-year-old Chicago native, whose family hails from Trinidad, will sample his new album, Fresh N Up, which features the chart-climbing single Spending All My Time.


thor-scroller2At 6 PM Heavy Metal Mayhem kicks it with Jon Mikl Thor, the first Canadian ever to win the Mr. Canada and Mr. USA titles. But his talents don’t stop there. He’s also a heavy-metal rocker and actor—who appeared with Lou Diamond Phillips in Murder at the Presidio.


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SoundBits: Robert Breining Gives People Living with HIV/AIDS More Than a Sporting Chance

You may not know Robert Breining, but to a growing number of people both here in the U.S. and abroad he’s a voice of comfort and strength. Each week, the Levittown, Pa., resident and co-hosts Jeromy Dunn and Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth open the lines to individuals like themselves who have learned that HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. In fact, the upbeat show often leaves listeners smiling at the humanity that flows unfettered during those 60 minutes.

CAPTION: Robert (above): Straight talk on the air, fancy footwork off.

Robert (above): Straight talk on the air, fancy footwork off.

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show – why should listen- ers tune in?

POZ I AM Radio is all about real people living with HIV/AIDS sharing their real stories with others who live with the infection, as well as with those looking to learn more about our community. The show covers a wide range of topics, from “newly diagnosed” to “overcoming depression.” Special guests sit in as well, to share their survival stories. But most of all, POZ I AM Radio gives people living with HIV/AIDS a voice.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you.

No. 1: I’ve played soccer for more than 20 years – currently for a gay team – and have traveled as far as Copenhagen to play in and International Gay & Lesbian Futbol Assoc- iation (IGLFA) Tournament. No. 2: I won first team all-Catholic in the 110-meter hurdles my junior year of high school, with a time of 14.9 seconds.

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

Honestly, I don’t have one. I never would’ve imagined doing this when I was growing up. But life has a sense of humor, so here I am broad- casting twice a week. I feel it’s my mission to help others who are in the same boat.


Co-hosts with the most: Jack (left) and Jeromy

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

The late Pedro Zamora, who was a cast member on The Real World: San Francisco. He was the first openly-gay HIV+  person on TV and, as such, left a trail for people like me to follow. He’s a prime example of leadership. I’d also like to book Tom Hanks. I’d love to talk about his role in Jonathan Demme’s Philadelphia – and find out if his view of HIV/AIDS has changed since the film was released in 1993.

As we speak, what are you wearing?

I am wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Nothing fancy.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done while in the middle of hosting your show?

Not sure if this is strange, but I once dropped a lit cigarette on my lap and, well, as you can figure, I got burnt. It’s funny now – but wasn’t at the time.

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