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Weekly Best Of BTR for November 5

If you missed these great live shows, definitely check the archives. Highlights from the week of November 5, 2007, across the BlogTalkRadio network include:






As Always, check out the best of the best on BlogTalkRadio.

Slashdot Guru Robin Miller on Lightning Strikes

Robin Miller, author, columnist, Slashdot guru and editor-in-chief of the SourceForge, Inc. Internet publications stops by BlogTalkRadio today.

Miller Robin Robin Miller will discuss Open Source’s expansion, his books on Linux, his new video production company and the universe with host Rod at 11:00am ET on Lightning Strikes.

He has written for Slashdot, Linux.com, NewsForge, Time New Media, Online Journalism Review, Web Hosting Magazine, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and many other Web sites, newspapers, and magazines.

He is one of the creators of modern interactive journalism and has served as an Internet business consultant to several Fortune 500 companies and many Internet entrepreneurs.