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Rosario Dawson, ‘For Colored Girls’ Star Kimberly Elise and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

rosario-dawsonRosario Dawson: The Sin City star weighs in on making Unstoppable, co-starring Denzel Washington and Star Trek hunk Chris Pine. “Under brutal conditions—in the cold, in the snow, in the rain,” she tells host Tim Gordon. “Helicopters swooping down and pushing the limits of what could and should be done to get these images on celluloid.”

kimberly-elise1Kimberly Elise: The actress who played Denzel Washington’s wife in the 2002 flick John Q drops in on Lady Charmaine Live’s Charmaine Bassett to discuss her starring role opposite Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson and Macy Gray in Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls.

bronwyn-marmo Bronwyn Marmo: The author of The Food Is A Lie: The Truth Is Within—who, after battling obesity for decades, is now free of food addiction—discusses her new documentary, The Inner Weigh. Bronwyn also chats about her organization Blessed Beyond Belief, which empowers women to make peace with their bodies.

tanna-frederick-3Tanna Frederick: The star of director Henry Jaglom’s Hollywood Dreams and Irene in Time stops by to discuss her new flick, Queen of the Lot, a comedy starring Noah Wylie and David Proval, which tells the story of a up-and-coming actress under house arrest.

orrick-ewingOrrick Ewing: The Grammy-nominated jazz bassist, who formerly played with P-Funk and Crowd Pleasers—which charted with the R&B track Freaky People and launched the career of Kenny “BabyFace” Edmonds—drops in on Jazzin Em Up host Cres O’Neal to sample his latest work.

Denzel Washington: It Was Survival Instinct— Not Acrophobia—That Kept Me from Tumbling

Don’t ever insinuate that Denzel Washington is a fraidy cat—lest you want to incur the wrath of one of Hollywood’s most powerful leading men.

Interviewed on Keeping it Reel, the two-time Oscar winner discusses the perils of making Unstoppable, director Tony Scott‘s new thriller, about a runaway train loaded with toxic cargo.

CAPTION: "It's just a good, action, intense kinda scary ride," Denzel (above) tells us of ‘Unstoppable.'

"It's just a good, action, intense kinda scary ride," Denzel (above) tells us of 'Unstoppable.'

“Fifty miles an hour—I’m running across the top of a train, hanging off the side of it,” Denzel, who plays a veteran engineer trying to prevent the locomotive from hurling into a heavily-populated area, tells host Tim Gordon.

“And I want you to know, it was really me up there. It’s crazy. Insane. I was standing up there and we’re picking up speed and I have to run across the top of it.

“And I’m going, ‘What am I doing with a helicopter flying 10 feet over my head?’

“But you know, it’s fun—now that it’s over,” he adds

When Tim asks if Denzel has a fear of heights, however, the superstar Continue reading