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Fantasy Sports Channel Kicks off NFL Draft Weekend Marathon

The day of reckoning for hundreds of collegiate football stars is just around the corner.

Will they be snatched up by the NFL – or cast out into the real working world?

This season, there’s no need to miss a moment of the drama because The Fantasy Sports Channel is rushing an unprecedented event your way.nfl_draft_300x250

Beginning Saturday, April 25 at 10 a.m. ET, we’ll bring you 25 hours of live gridiron- pick coverage on Draft Weekend 2009.

More than 30 of our all-star fantasy-sportscasters from 18 shows will be following the action as it unfolds.

Better still, they’ll be doing it with a fan- tasy football twist.

What’s more, All Access Football host Rick Serritella will be live on press row at Radio City Musical Hall in New York – the official site of the NFL draft – during Day One and Day Two of the marathon special.

Here’s the full Draft Weekend schedule (all times ET):

Saturday, April 25
—10am: Fantasy Football Facts
—11am: All Access Football
—12pm: Johnny Archive
—1pm: Inside the Trenches
—2pm: Red vs. Blue
—3pm: The Thundering Blurb
—5pm: The Fantasy Football Guys
—6pm: Fantasy Sports Group
—7pm: Fantasy Sharks
—8pm: Two Feet in Bounds
—9pm: Radio Grumblings
—11pm: RotoRadio

Sunday, April 26
—9:30am: All Access Football
—11am: The Scott Engel Show
—12pm: Fantasy Sharks
—1pm: 643 Sports
—2pm: Inside the Trenches
—3pm: Fantasy Football Roundtable
—5pm: Johnny Archive
—7pm: Phat Guys on Fantasy
—8pm: The Fantasy Exchange
—10pm: Fantasy Sharks
—11pm: Sports from Frankie’s Point of View

To tune into Draft Weekend 2009 on The Fantasy Sports Channel, click here.

Get Yer Peanuts! Get Yer Cracker Jacks! But Most of All, Get Yer Grand Slam on!

Opening Day in America’s favorite pastime is just one day away.

But don’t think for a moment that we’re unprepared for what promises to be the hottest season of the century.grand_slam_300x250-1

Nope – though no matter how big of a baseball nut you fancy yourself, we bet even you won’t be prepared for what we have hurling your way.

Beginning tomorrow, April 5 at 9 a.m. ET, The Fantasy Sports Channel brings you 13 hours of live, continuous fantasy-baseball action from 12 of our all-star fantasy sportscasters.

Yes, it’s Grand Slam 2009!

And here’s the full schedule (all times ET):

— 9am: FantasyPros911: Baseball
— 11am: RotoRadio
— 12pm: Fantasy Focus
— 2pm: Fantasy Bonus with Adam Ronis
— 3pm: Radio Grumblings
— 4pm: Sports Illustrated
— 5pm: Johnny Archive
— 6pm: Fantasy Phenoms Baseball Hour
— 7pm: Fantasy Baseball Roundtable
— 8pm: RotoRadio
— 9pm: The Payoff Pitch

 CAPTION: Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park, site of the first opening game, where the Phillies meet the Braves.

Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park, site of the first opening game, where the Phillies meet the Braves.

Plus, our crack team will deliver continuous cov- erage of the first game of the sea- son, as Atlanta takes on Philly.

To tune into our Grand Slam 2009! special, click here.

The Fantasy Sports Channel. Only on BlogTalk- Radio. It’s a schedule you can bet on!

‘RotoExperts’ Going Live from Fantasy Sports Trade Association Conference

Just five days before – and 25 miles from – Super Bowl 43, hundreds of the best fantasy-sports brains in that $1.5 billion business will gather in St. Petersburg, Fla., for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s Winter Conference.

So naturally, BlogTalkRadio’s Fantasy Sports Channel (FSC) will be front and center at this largest-of-its-kind event to bring fantasy-sports enthusiasts the world over all the action fsta-rotoradio-banner
At 8 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Jan. 27, FSC’s flagship podcast, RotoRadio, will kick off a live, nine-hour special hosted by RotoExpertsPaul Bourdett, 2006 Fantasy Football Writer of the Year Scott Engel, and the channel’s managing editor, Marc Ronick.

Throughout the day, they’ll be bringing you interviews with leading industry experts, along with updates on conference events. So be sure to call in for insight and tips on your roster.

You’ll also want to catch the Industry Recognition Awards ceremony.

Why? Because FSC is up for not one but two awards – for Best Podcast, and Specialty Product or Services.fsta-logo11

In October, Wall Street Journal Television touted FSC for “providing more content than most any site out there,” while calling RotoRadio hosts Scott Engel and Phil Eletto “two of the world’s foremost fantasy sports experts.”

To check out The Fantasy Sports Channel, click here.

To read more about the FSTA awards FSC is up for this year, click here.

To see the full WSJ-TV story, click here.