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How To Avoid Splitting Feeds and Losing Stats (& Money!)

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There are many different destinations that audiences can listen to your podcast. As a podcaster, you want to make sure your podcast is available everywhere your audience is. The key is that one distribution point (your podcast host) is responsible for spreading your podcast across the internet via your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.

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Use Feeds for Instant Alerts to Your Favorite Topics


by Deb

Did you know you can subscribe to feeds according to keyword, topic, or show? So if you want to hear only shows featuring a particular guest or topic, you can set it up so there’s a result in your feed reader as soon as a show featuring that guest or topic launches.

Let’s say, for example you want to hear only shows about saving money. Go to the BlogTalkRadio homepage (or any page, for that matter!) and type “saving money” into the search box.  Next, you’ll find yourself at a search results page. Notice how each result has an RSS feed icon above it? Click on those icons so your can be alerted every time a host launches a show about saving money.

You can subscribe to feeds for just about anything, shows, keywords, guest’s names…and the good news is that you’re not only learning about new shows, you can also find some terrific gems from the BlogTalkRadio vault.

Oh and the best part? All of BlogTalkRadio’s podcasts are available on demand, so you can listen any time!