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Lost Chaka Khan Interview: Tell Me Something True! (Me and Stevie Wonder Never Hooked Up)

Chaka Khan may duet with the best of them, but there’s no, ah, doin’ it once the track has wrapped.

Interviewed by journalist Craig Seymour in 2004, who was working in Atlanta at the time for a paper called Creative Loafing, the funk queen dispelled longstanding rumors surrounding her 1974 collaboration with Stevie Wonder.

Chaka: Kept it professional.

Chaka: Kept it professional.

“So let’s go back to the heyday of Rufus,” Craig asked of the band she fronted from 1970 to 1983. “What was your favorite moment?”

“It probably was when Stevie Wonder came into the studio. We didn’t believe he was gonna show up. But he came, and that sorta rocked my world.

“We were brand new to the industry. And I’d grown up listening to Stevie, so I was a little bit star-struck.

“He came and offered two songs to us. The first one, I didn’t like it, and I told him,” continued Chaka, who has won 10 Grammy Awards.

“He said, ‘What’s your birth sign?’ I said, Continue reading

Programming Highlights; February 18, 2010

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Today at 2 PM EST PI Window on Business chats about how the new show, Undercover Boss with Lawrence O’Donnell III, President and CEO of Waste Management, who is featured on the show getting up close and personal with his employees.

deleteaTonight at 9 PM  EST Bottom Line Sports Show welcomes NBA star, from the Golden State Warriors, Raja Bell, to help set the upcoming weekend in sports and take a look at the best college basketball best match-ups.

Also at 9 PM EST Hip Talk Radio welcomes Bad Girls Club cast member Florina to talk about she breaks Albanian Muslim stereotypes on the show and to share her musical talent.

Tonight at 10 PM  EST Artists on Demand Radio welcomes musical guest, Broken Sons, an energetic, four piece alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario, to talk about their music and their live shows.


Tonight at 11 PM  EST Night Views welcomes David “Hawk” Wolinski, keyboardist, songwriter, and record producer best known for his work with the funk band Rufus and their lead singer Chaka Khan, talks about his career in the music world.

daAlso at 11 PM  EST E3 Radio celebrates the visibility of black LGBT women in film with special guests Faith Trimel, of the coming-of-age dramedy, Family and poet Ifa Bumi.

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