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Brother, Can You Spare a Diamond? The Midlife Gals Post Their CV for All the World 2C

If you’re looking to hire two single, cocktail-guzzling, 50-something sisters from Texas – who live with their octogenarian mom, to boot – then look no further. (Or, do look further. We don’t care. We just say stuff like that for dramatic effect.)

BlogTalkRadio’s own Kelly and Sally Jackson – aka The Midlfe Gals – have posted yet another one of their trademark “necessarily insane” videos on YouTube.

Would YOU hire these gals?

Sally (left) and Kelly: Would YOU hire these gals?

In the mini flick, titled The Midlife Gals: Video Resume and directed by Steven Speilberg Martin Scorsese Steve Martin their housekeeper Rosita, Kelly and Sally unabashedly boast about their myriad cyber-accomplishments since July 2007, when they first learned what a blog is.

They also bemoan the need for jobs (which wouldn’t seem to sit well with potential employers in this economy. But what hell – as long as they’re having fun, right?).

To see this The Gals’ cyber CV, click here.

And don’t forget to tune into The Midlife Gals: Necessary Insanity every Monday at 7 p.m. ET here on BlogTalkRadio.

I’m No Fan of Madonna’s Strung-out, Muscular Look, Liz Smith Dishes to The Midlife Gals

If having her split with Guy Ritchie dragged through the tabloids this past week hasn’t been torture enough, Madonna also had to endure catty comments from The Midlife Gals and Liz Smith.

The nerve of those ladies – piling on old Madge when she’s down!


Madonna: 50 going on... 500?

So here’s what they said:

While Liz was chatting with Sally and Kelly Jackson, the gossip queen told her fellow Texans that she’d recently been to a party with the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Then Kelly pointed out that Liz had also rubbed elbows with Madonna.

Then Liz said, “Yea, and I saw Madonna right before she announced her divorce and I kept trying to get her to tell me she was going to do that and she acted like she wasn’t.”

Then Sally said, “You know what, Liz?  We’ve decided that Madonna has now crossed the threshold into being too old to exercise as much as she does – because she just doesn’t look very good.”

Then Liz said, “I agree with you. I don’t like that strung-out, muscular look.”

Then Kelly said, “Oh, I don’t either.”

So that’s what they said – if you can believe it (though you didn’t hear it from us).

(To hear it from “a friend,” click here.)