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BlogTalkRadio’s Midlife Gals Score on Houston’s ‘Ken Hoffman Show’

Kelly and Sally Jackson – aka The Midlife Gals – drove all the way from Austin, Texas, to Houston last week in their never-ending quest to demonstrate that “midlife” isn’t a dirty word.  (Depressing, terrifying, fun-killing, discrimination-inducing, yes, but never dirty.)

The cocktail-sipping sisters’ destination?

KGOW-AM’s The Ken Hoffman Show – where they uncorked their trademark humor to the delight of host Ken Hoffman and co-host David Nuno’s sizable audience.

Here’s a snippet of their on-air banter, where Kelly previewed Midlife 2.0 while David gave BlogTalkRadio its props:

KEN HOFFMAN: What’s your definition of “midlife”?

Midlife this!

Sally (left) and Kelly Jackson: Midlife this!

KELLY JACKSON: We’re on the second half of the century and SalGal’s a little further south on that deal than I am…

SALLY: Don’t say it.

KEN HOFFMAN: So it’s midlife if you intend to live to 100?


KELLY JACKSON: We’ll have to change our name to “The Elder Gals,” probably in about 10 years.

KEN HOFFMAN: What station is this on?

SALLY JACKSON: We’re on BlogTalkRadio – Internet radio.

DAVID NUNO: Which is the wave of the future, Ken. If you did research, you would know.

KEN HOFFMAN: I listen to Internet radio.

DAVID NUNO: I do, too.

KEN HOFFMAN: And we’ll be on that in about 10 minutes!

To hear The Gals’ full interview, click here.

Better yet, to sample their BlogTalkRadio show, click here.

The ‘Gals’ Get Naked

What could be funnier than two single, eccentric, cocktail-guzzling, 50-something socialite-wannabe sisters from Texas who live with their octogenarian mom but would much rather be headlining in Vegas?

'Midlife' Madness - Sally (left) and Kelly Jackson bare it all for BTR

Two naked single, eccentric, cocktail-guzzling, 50-something socialite-wannabe sisters from Texas!

In case you missed last week’s launch of The Midlife Gals: Necessary Insanity, hosts SalGal (left) and KK (right) Jackson want you to know they forgive you – and that you’re welcome to join them this coming Monday at 7 p.m. ET for a special naked edition of their show.

Better yet, click here to hear – and see – the gals welcome you with open, ah, arms to their comedy of menopausal proportions.

(Viewer discretion is advised.)

Midlife Gals Gone Wild

Take two single, eccentric, cocktail-guzzling, 50-something socialite-wannabe sisters from Texas.

Move them back home with their addled, octogenarian mom.

Toss in a healthy dose of haughty Austin “ladies who lunch” who wouldn’t be caught dead with these “ladies who liquid lunch.”

Sprinkle on a few (very few) pot-bellied good-old-boy suitors.

Add one big-butted, beehive-haired, leopard-print-wearing caregiver who doesn’t give a crap what happens to anyone.

And what have you got?

Sally Jackson (left) and Kelly Jackson

'Midlife' Cri-Sis: Sally (left) and Kelly Jackson

The Midlife Gals: Necessary Insanity, of course – a comedy of menopausal proportions launching tonight at 7 p.m. ET.

Join Kelly “KK” Jackson (the control-freak one) and Sally “SalGal” Jackson (the in-denial one) as they bring you all the news that’s unfit to print from their tension-filled abode – namely, how not to take the gas pipe while grappling with day-to-day-to-day-to-day realities of parenting an elderly parent. To break up the tension, the gals also review movies they’ve never seen, dish about current events, and visit with an embarrassing array of local whack-jobs.

“We’re The Smothers Brothers with bosoms – and a taste for hard liquor,” said Kelly.

“Shut up,” said Sally.

“Clearly, giving these women their own show was a huge mistake,” said Philip Recchia, BlogTalkRadio’s director of programming.

Nonetheless, mark The Midlife Gals on your calendar.

Because insanity is a terrible thing to waste.