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“Plastic, a Toxic Love Story”, Two Kisses for Maddy”, Dave Tirio and much more today on Blogtalkradio

plasticJoin Green Patriot Radio this week as David Steinman interviews Susan Freinkel, author of “Plastic, a Toxic Love Story“. Susan is a science writer whose work has appeared in a variety of national publications including: Discover, Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian, and The New York Times.

liz-and-matt1Hachette Book Group Radio welcomes Matt Logelin, author of Two Kisses for Maddy, to discuss his book, his experience of losing his wife and raising his child alone, and his blog to book process.

darlene-kayeGlee fans will gleek out over Mr. Media’s revealing interview with star Darren Criss’s longtime singing partner Charlene Kaye!

davetirioSounding OFF welcomes Dave Tirio , guitarist in the Grammy-nominated rock band Plain White T’s. Dave is an avid Chicago sports fan, so you know the guys will be talking plenty of Bulls & Cubs.

sanjaya221Ryan Holmes, host of BlazinRy Radio , sits down with Sanjaya Malakar, the top-seven American Idol contestant and star of Off-Broadway’s Freckleface Strawberry.

e2radio22E2 Radio talks Green – In 2011, you don’t get extra points for simply being “Green”: The key is being green in a sustainable way. This E2 Radio episode explores ways to make your IT operation Green for the long haul.

EXCLUSIVE: Why Stephen Baldwin Quit NBC Reality Show: Jungle Insects Impregnated Me

Two days ago, news reports emerged that Stephen Baldwin had quit I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! though no details of why the actor exited the NBC reality show were available.

Last night, however, Stephen called into his BlogTalkRadio show from Costa Rica – where he’d been competing with the likes of Lou Diamond Phillips, John Salley, Sanjaya Malakar and Torrie Wilson – to tell the full story.

CAPTION: "It's the absolute creepiest thing that you can think of," Stephen (above) tells us of the treatement for his entomological ravaging.

"It's the absolute creepiest thing that you can think of," Stephen (above) tells us of his entomological ravaging.

“I suffered in the first eight days of production, while in the jungle, over 125 insect bites on my body,” he told Kevin McCullough, co-host of Baldwin/McCullough Xtreme Radio.

“And two of them – much to my surprise – became kind of lumpy initially. Within 72 hours they were these kind of half-dollar-size lumps under my skin that were probably about an inch thick. [The] reactions just weren’t the same as the other 123, so to speak.

“I did get to take some time with the medic, who explained to me that, in his opinion, he didn’t think that is was the ‘implantation of insect larvae into my flesh,’ but that – oh, gosh – that’s what it could be.

“So… they tested these things and, sure enough, Stevie B. was ‘pregnant.’

“I videotaped this process where they put this kind of thick, tough medical adhesive tape that has a chemical compound on it that suffocates the larvae while it’s beneath your flesh.

“And as it suffocates, it tries to back itself out of the hole that it’s burrowed into your skin. And when it does that, the tail section of it gets stuck to the tape.”

To hear Stephen’s full interview, click here.