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Blurb! Book of the Week: David Michael Slater’s ‘Selfless’

Upon hearing that a new novel titled Selfless tells the story of Jonathan Schwartz, a 12-year-old boy who, after accidentally telling his bar mitzvah class one of his grandma’s favorite jokes, is propelled into a world of grand theft, espionage, abandonment, suicide and sexual high jinx, you might wonder if this were a posthumous work by Saul Bellow.

And upon hearing that the joke in question goes, “What is a Jew doing looking in an ashtray? Examining his family tree!” you might venture that the more likely scribe is Philip Roth.


David: Daringly funny fiction pick.

But in both cases, you’d be wrong. For the author of this 415-page tale, which Jewish Book World has called “a side-splitting tour-de-force,” is David Michael Slater.

Selfless can also boast being Blurb! Book of the Week winner, as selected by our resident critics Sally Shields and Dr. Kent.

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