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Get the Most Out of Your Show With Great SEO

Win New Audiences With Good SEO Strategies

There are some small but very important things you can do to help boost listens to your broadcast. The combination of a relevant, catchy show name, great episode titles, and the use of keywords which give good results will work together to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your show. Search results are heavily dependent on keyword relevance, so you want to get the most out of the capabilities you have. In this series, we will be talking about these three things to help optimize your SEO and search engine ranking for your show and in turn, drive more traffic to your broadcast. Continue reading

What Can You Accomplish Before Breakfast? | 04.19.13

What successful people do before breakfast

by Consider It in BUSINESS

Just like breakfast, mornings are crucial to success, but why are they better for practicing and starting new habits? Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Reznicek and Linda from Real Sisters Talk discuss the book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing: shocking details

by Truther Talk in FILM

Not to be missed: With the Boston attacks, and today’s anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco massacre, hear award-winning filmmaker Chris Emery talk about A Noble Lie, a documentary investigating the second-largest act of terrorism in American history. 

HAPPINESS REVOLUTION: The Law of attraction made simple

by Lorane Gordon in SPIRITUALITY

An inspirational coach endorsed by Deepak ChopraLorane Gordon gives you the tools to manifest your life on purpose. Up till now, you may have created your life by accident!

SEO, QR CODES & other Digital Tactics to help your business

by Deborah Shane in TECHNOLOGY

Tech enthusiast, CEO and Web Developer Kimberly Reynolds of Social Media for Moms talks tech, SEO, QR codes and leading marketing and content creation strategies for businesses.

In honor of 4/20 (THat OTHER national holidaY): Does Cannabis cure cancer?

by Professionals Against Prohibition in POLITICS

This weekend marks that other national holiday, for ganja fans: 4/20. The big question, does Cannabis cure cancer? Learn about RSO and Cannabis extract medicine; who’s making it, what it does and who needs to be taking it.

BlogTalkRadio in the News

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with BlogTalkRadio

Entrepreneur Article Featuring BlogTalkRadioEntrepreneur recently published a great article, 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking, on how SEO can help individuals and businesses grow their online presence. There were some very helpful tips included in the article, and it actually features a member of our BlogTalkRadio host community Juliet Johnson. Nice work Juliet!

Juliet uses the BlogTalkRadio platform as part of her overall marketing and search engine optimization strategy for her High-End Real Estate Staging company. Her show, Carolina REAL Matters, features interviews with top realtors covering her geographic service footprint.

BlogTalkRadio can be very powerful from an SEO perspective if you spend a little time before you set up your shows and episodes to think about what your audience is searching for and what terms they use to search for it. Including strategic keywords in your show descriptions and in your keyword tags on BlogTalkRadio can be a great way for potential listeners to find you and your content. Tip number two in the Entrepreneur article, “Conduct keyword research,” gives some great information on how to explore what terms and phrases your target audience are searching on.

A social media and search engine consultant that I know here in Seattle, Rory Martin, did a test on our platform to explore its SEO strength for his clients. Within five days his show on BlogTalkRadio was on page one of Google for the term he was optimizing for, and it is still there.

So if you are thinking about creating your own online talk radio show on BlogTalkRadio, or you are setting up future episodes for your existing show, be sure to remember to:

1) Include unique keyword tags in your BlogTalkRadio Show Profile
2) Include unique keyword tags on each episode: Names of Guest, Topics, etc. Be specific!
3) Write keyword-rich descriptions for each episode
4) Include one or two keywords in each episode title
5) Once you find the right mix of terms, be consistent in using them

It might take a little more time, but it will help ensure that your audience finds your great content as they search online.

10 Tips for Building Traffic Without Being Spammy


One of the biggest challenges of being a blogger and Community Manager is in bringing in traffic and raising awareness of various BlogTalkRadio shows without being seen as a spammer. No one wants to receive hundreds of pieces of email from the same organization, nor do they want to see the same links in their Twitter stream each time they log on.

Today, I’d love to share some tips for building traffic without being perceived as a spammer:

1. It’s all about relationships: One of my pet peeves about blogging is about the bloggers who only reach out to me when they want something from me. They don’t periodically check in and say hi or converse with me on Twitter. Instead they only reach out when they want something. Social media is all about relationships. It’s about making contacts and building those relationships and then turning those relationships into something more personal. Take time to make friends and build up relationships, and then if you’d like help with promotion, you’ll find folks are a little more willing.

2.Ask for permission: Instead of posting links in blog comments or forums, ask for permission. Email details to bloggers and forum administrators and ask them if it’s ok to post. This will serve a couple of purposes. First, this will put you in the administrators good graces because you didn’t spam with links. Second, you will be building up a relationship with the blogger or forum admin which will help with future promotions

3. Don’t bug the same people all the time: Outreach to bloggers and the media can have positive results. However, when you ask the same bloggers to promote your show week after week, it might wear out your welcome. Save your outreach for special occasions or reach out to a few different bloggers each week. The last thing you want is for the recipient of your emails to hit delete without opening.

4. Don’t send requests and invites every day: The best way to become a pest is to send invites and event requests every single day until the show airs. If the other parties are interested they’ll save the date.  Just as you would do for your outreach, save it for special guests and occasions.

5. Look into cross promotion: A good way to get bloggers to talk about your show or other hosts to mention your show is to cross promote together. Offer on air plugs for whoever shows you the love.

6. Build community, not traffic: Encourage audience participation in the chat rooms, social networks and more. If listeners see your show as a community event rather than an online radio show, they’ll show up each week with bells on.

7. Become a part of other communities: By becoming an active participant in other discussion groups, you’re getting people interested in you. The more you share, the more people will want to learn more about you – and will even follow you to your shows, web pages, blogs and more.

8. There’s no competition, only opportunity: Don’t view your fellow hosts or bloggers as competition, there’s no such thing. Even the folks who do almost the same thing as you are not competition. They are colleagues, friends, and allies. Cross promote each others’ shows. Host contests together. Be guests on each others shows. Work together, not separate and watch your communities grow…together.

9. Don’t be pushy: Asking for promotion or Tweeting out a link once is cool. To do so over and over in an aggressive manner is pushy. People don’t like to deal with pushy talk show hosts. Ask, but don’t push.

10. Don’t forget to say thank you: Please remember the people who helped you. Don’t forget to drop a line to say thank you. No one forgets good manners.

Want to learn more about building traffic: Listen to these BlogTalkRadio shows:

What’s the Long Tail? (And why should you care?)


by Deb

Every now and then on this blog, especially when talking about SEO, we mention the “long tail.”  For someone like me who has been working online for the past decade, this phrase doesn’t get a second glance. For those of you who are new to attracting the attention of search engines, as well as long term listeners, the term may need a little more explanation. So…

What does the “Long Tail” mean for search?

Most of us first read about “the long tail” when Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson introduced it in 2004. For our purposes, the term refers to words and phrases that will reach people in years to come. So perhaps while the Michael Phelps scandal will bring in immediate readers or listeners, it’s safe to say this scandal won’t have the same results several years, or even 30 days from now. Long tail keywords and phrases might not attract high immediate search engine traffic, however, it will continue to bring folks in as time goes by.

When choosing keywords and phrases, it’s fine to live for the moment and ride the traffic or a trend or scandal, however, a smart blogger or podcaster will also consider what folks are searching for in the long term. Find the things that will always interest people. What will we want to know about in the years to come? This may mean we have to choose keywords and search terms that aren’t on the top of the lists of most popular keywords. You know how certain classic styles never go out of fashion? This is the same with search terms. By having a good mix of trendy topics and long tail search terms, you’re ensuring traffic for years to come.

What Are Keywords and Why Should You Care?

by Deb Ng

I’m often asked by BlogTalkRadio hosts how they can bring in search engine traffic to their BlogTalkRadio show pages. The best way I can recommend is to rock the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and use “long tail” (more on that in another post) keywords to alert searchers.

Key words and search terms are the words and phrases people use when they use search engines. For instance, say someone is searching for photos of Brad Pitt. The key phrase used for this search might read “Brad Pitt pictures”. This search term will bring up all the websites offering images of Pitt, and all the websites using this phrasing.

If your BlogTalkRadio show is about President Obama’s Inaguration, you might pepper your parapraphs with key words and phrases such as “Obama Inauguration” or “Inauguration 09”.  You also want to use keywords and phrases in your tags.

So how can you tell what keywords to use? There are several free keyword suggestion tools available. Simply type in your guests name or show’s topic and the tool will suggest some high ranking keywords to use.

Here are a few places you can go to for keyword suggestion:

It’s important when using keywords to choose words and phrases that are grammatically correct and fit well within your writing. A big mistake many people make is to choose unntaural sounding phrases. People don’t always search like they speak, so be sure words and phrases work well together.

It takes time to get indexed in the search engines but if you use keywords correctly, folks will begin finding you via the search engines. Once the search traffic comes in, so will repeat listeners.

5 Tips for Writing a Show Description that Rocks!


by Deb Ng

It’s no secret my favorite part of the job is going through all of the day’s programming to find stuff to highlight on the blog. When it comes to content, our hosts don’t disappoint. Sometimes though, I come across a promising new show, but can’t write much about it because the show description is rather…lacking.  If you’re interested in bringing in new listeners, your show description is the first place to start.

Picture this: You’re new to BlogTalkRadio and begin looking around our On Air Schedule for something new and interesting to listen to. You come across a show with a great name but the only show description is “music”. Hmmm…what kind of music? Is it all music and no talk? Is it a particular Indy band or a mix? Will there be interviews with musicians?

How does one know if it’s not in the description?

Here are a few tips for writing show descriptions guaranteed to send listeners your way:

  1. Write a rough draft. Many times, I visit a show page and the description doesn’t make sense. It’s hastily written with typos and words missing. Take some time to write a rough draft. Read it over a few times and then paste it into your show description form. (Just a small but important bit of advice from the Queen of the Typos.)
  2. Your show description should describe each particular segment, not your show in general. Detail the day’s topic, any guests, if listeners can call in, or chat will be open. Go for regular details instead of the vague and general.
  3. Don’t forget your keywords. Keywords have the ability to go beyond the BlogTalkRadio site and reach the Googlesphere. If folks come in via search engines, they’ll check out your archives and hopefully even become regular listeners. Use keywords to attract search traffic. Your guest’s name is a keyword, your topic is a keyword and your genre is a keyword. Use them. Embrace them. Love them.
  4. Don’t forget your tags. See keywords above. Tags are just like keywords, they attract search traffic and that’s a very good thing.
  5. Make it fun. Your show’s description is the first impression many folks will get of you. Do you want them to see your show as a dull program or lively event? Don’t be afraid to use vibrant, descriptive words to describe your segements. Let your personality come out!

It’s your turn: What do you do to make your show descriptions stand out?

What's Going On? July 25, 2008

All Crazy

All Crazy

As I write this I’m listening to Casual Friday on Nikki Rocks the Politics. Nikki’s talking with Wild Bill from the Philly Band All Crazy and I am totally digging their sound. It’s a unique funky,edgy rock beat you have to check out. If you feel like getting your dance on, tune in on demand. Very cool stuff…and I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

There’s more than good music happening today. Let me turn you on to some of the highlights:

Shaun O’Mac interviewed Judy Tenuta in Las Vegas yesterday and he’s bringing that to you on BlogTalkRadio Today at 2:00 p.m. EST. Plus Shaun and Eric will be talking live to the star of the new Wargames sequel, Wargames: The Dead Code, Amanda Walsh.

Shaun is also bringing you BlogTalkRadio Insider today at 4:30 p.m. EST. If you’re a host or are interested in hosting, it’s worth your while to listen in as those behind the scenes at BTR and different hosts share tips and promote their radio shows.

Want to make your site (or radio show) search engine friendly? SEO Guru, Bizzuka’s Brian Bille, will take you on a tour of search engine friendly websites and discuss what gives a site Google appeal. Check in at 1:00 p.m. EST.

The topic today on BlogWorldExpo Radio is New Media Divas. Rumor has it Yours Truly might even stop by for a visit. Check it out at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Enjoy your weekend!