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Requesting to Feature Your Show Just Got Easier

Did you know that you can have your show featured on the BlogTalkRadio site? Well, we’ve just updated the process to make it easier for hosts to submit a show to be featured.  Now, you’ll just have to submit a description and an image according to specifications.

To help you get started, we thought we’d give you a few pointers:


When you submit your text description, make sure that your character count is no more than 260 with spaces.  Here are some example formats you can use:

Interview Sample – [Host Name] welcomes [Guest Name], [Author/Creator of XXXX} to discuss her new project entitled, [XXXX}.  [Guest Name] was recently named [Person of the Year by XXXX].

General Show Sample – [XXX Show] with [Host Name] provides listeners with information on [XXXX]. The program is supported by [Sponsor].


Your image must 277 x 180 in png, gif or jpg format and have a  file size under 50K.   There are some great free photo editing programs you can download to crop and resize your images.  Gimp is the free program we’ve used and you can watch this tutorial on how to work with your image using it.

Here is an example of an image that is the right size to give you an idea:

You can find more info on the submission form.  In case you need a refresher on the process, to put in a feature request:

1.    Click on “My Account” in your dropdown menu.

2.    Click on “Feature my show” under “My BlogTalkRadio”

3.    In the “Feature my show” tab, fill out the necessary info at the bottom of the form.

4.    Click “Submit”

Enjoy the new process and we look forward to receiving your feature requests.