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Simon Curtis: Miley Cyrus Is No Diva. (I Should Know — I’m Her Blind Date)

When Simon Curtis walked onto the Hannah Montana set last month, the image of an uppity, demanding Miley Cyrus was lurking in his mind.

CAPTION: “She’s one of the biggest stars in the world. And you hear so many things about certain people, that you never really know what’s true,” Simon (above) tells us of Miley.

“You hear so many things about certain people that you never really know what’s true,” Simon (above) tells us of Miley.

After all, that was the image of the pop super- star he’d gathered from tabloid media reports during the months leading up his guest spot on the hit Disney Channel show.

But now Simon, who’s known to teen fans as bad-guy Royce from this year’s hit Nickelodeon movie Spectacular, knows Miley firsthand.

“Right before Season 3 started [in the fall of 2008], there were a lot of rumors about her being a diva on set and her trying to sabotage the show,” Simon tells WZAP Radio host Zachary Sang.

“It’s so clear that all of that is so fabricated and couldn’t be farther from the truth. Because she was a joy to work with,” he continues.

“I didn’t know what to expect as far as Miley is concerned. But she was the sweetest, most hilarious girl.

CAPTION: TV pals fear spinsterhood for squeeze-less Miley (above).

TV pals fear spinsterhood for squeeze-less Miley (above left, with Simon).

“She showed up to work every day. No entourage. Just her. Wet hair, no makeup. Totally chill. Knew all of her lines. Incredible work ethic. So respectful of everyone on set.”

Earlier in the show, Simon reveals de- tails of his char- acter’s relation- ship to Hannah.

“The storyline of this episode is that Miley has been without a boyfriend for a very long time. Lilly and Oliver, they’re now together, and they’re sick of Miley being – they say she’s going to be this old spinster, all by herself.

“And Miley’s adamant that she doesn’t need a boyfriend. So they take her out to dinner, and it’s only supposed to be the three of them. And she shows up and there’s four place settings and she freaks out because they clearly have set her up on a blind date.

“Then I show up, I’m the blind date. They character’s name is Tim. And at first she’s throwing a fit because she doesn’t want this blind date.

“Then I walk in and it’s really funny because she’s like, ‘Oooo, hellll-o, Tim.’”

Simon’s turn as Tim on Hannah Montana, in an episode titled Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy, debuts Sunday, May 31 @ 8pm ET/PT on the Disney Channel.

To hear Simon’s full interview, click here.