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Slate.com Editor-in-Chief Jacob Weisberg on Bush

Jacob Weisberg, Editor-in-Chief of Slate, an award-winning site “offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, and culture.”

Weisberg joins hosts Eric Olsen and Shaun Daily on BlogTalkRadio Today to discuss his newest book entitled The Bush Tragedy.

Weisberg was previously Slate’s chief political correspondent, and has written for New Republic, Newsweek, and New York Magazine, to name a few.  Weisberg has authored several books on politics including In Defense of Government, The Road to Chadville, about the 2000 election, and the Bushisms series.

The discussion gets underway here.

Journalist, political blogger Mickey Kaus LIVE and On Topic!

Mickey Kaus of Kausfiles “a mostly political weblog” featured on Slate.com will join On Topic on BlogTalkRadio this afternoon at 5pm ET. Kaus is a journalist whose writing has appeared in Newsweek and The New Republic. He is the author of The End of Equality.


On Topic is a political show hosted by bloggers clammyc and thereisnospoon, focused on influential bloggers and the hottest political issues of the day. Past guests have included Digby, nyceve, and One Pissed Off Liberal, covering a range of topics from health care to funding of the war in Iraq.

This a no-holds barred political discussion, where callers are more than welcome. Dial in to 646-478-5001.

Join On Topic at 5pm ET for stimulating conversation. For more about Mickey, check out Kausfiles.