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Musical Superstar Allah Rakkha Rahman on ‘SAJA’

International Idol.

AR: International Idol.

Time magazine has called him the “Mozart of Madras.”

But we like to think of him as the Sting of the Far East.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: Allah Rakkha Rahman is one hot musical act.

In the 10 short years since launching his career – which has since blossomed into an empire that includes film scoring, record producing and, of course, performing – he has sold more than 300 million albums.

That puts the 42-year-old Indian-born AR in the company of Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

Rocking Rolling Stone’s June cover.

Rocking Rolling Stone’s June cover.

So when he drops into SAJA today at 12:15 p.m. ET, music fans of all ages will definitely want to tune in as host Sree Sreenivasan chats with AR about the superstar’s latest projects.

And, needless to say, takes calls from all five continents.

To listen, click here.

Terrorism Experts Robert Spencer, Randall Larsen Join SAJA Roundtable on Mumbai Attacks

As part of its ongoing coverage of news events unfolding in Mumbai, SAJA will present a roundtable discussion on terrorism in the Indian city – and heightened terrorist threats throughout the world – tomorrow, Nov. 28, on BlogTalkRadio.
Tackling global-terrorism issue.

Spenser: Tackling global-terrorism issue.

Terrorism experts Robert Spencer, author of Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam Is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs, and Randall Larsen, founding director for The Institute for Homeland Security and author of Our Own Worst Enemy: Asking the Right Questions to Protect You, Your Family and America, will join SAJA host Sree Sreenivasan and BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy on the two-hour special at 10 a.m. New York City time.

Expert in homeland security.

Larsen: Expert in homeland security.

Shortly after news of the Mumbai terrorist attacks broke Wednesday, SAJA launched a series of live webcasts on the horrific massacre. These special 120-minute reports will continue through tomorrow.

A professor of journalism at Columbia University, co-founder of the South Asian Journalists Association and  reporter for WNBC-TV, Sree is encouraging listeners with updates from Mumbai to call the show at (347)324-5991 and share information with the South Asian community, as well as with journalists worldwide.

They can also email questions and suggestions to saja@columbia.edu

To access SAJA’s complete Mumbai coverage, click here.

SAJA Helps Keep South Asian Communities Informed in Wake of Mumbai Attacks

For the past two days, SAJA host Sree Sreenivasan has been working tirelessly to share news and information on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, with South Asian communities and journalists throughout the world.



And in the coming days, the Columbia University journalism professor and co-founder of the South Asian Journalists Association will continue his live 90-minute specials every 12 hours, with the next report beginning today at 10 p.m. New York City time. 

To access SAJA’s complete coverage, click here.

Meanwhile, PoynterOnline has recognized the organization’s efforts, calling SAJA “a group too small to even be part of the UNITY journalism coalition,” though nonetheless “showing itself once again to be the ‘little organization that could.’”

For more on SAJA’s coverage of the tragic events in Mumbai, click here to read the Poynter story.

BlogTalkRadio extends its thanks to Sree and his team for their efforts to keep the South Asian communities connected during this difficult time.

SAJA Grapples with Mumbai Horror; South Asian Journalists Association Airing Special 90-Minute Reports Every 12 Hours

The Taj Mahal Hotel aflame. (Reuters)

The Taj Mahal Hotel aflame. (Reuters)

UPDATE Nov. 28 @ 10:14 p.m. ET: SAJA‘s live 90- and 120-minute reports will continue every 12 hours in the coming days, with the next webcast beginning Saturday, Nov. 29 at 10 a.m. New York City time. To access SAJA‘s complete coverage, click here.

NEW YORK, Nov. 26, 2008 (BlogTalkRadio) — Shortly after news of the Mumbai terrorist attacks broke today, the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) took to cyber-space with a special report on the horrific events.

Journalists and experts in the Indian city and here in the U.S. joined host Sree Sreenivasan on his BlogTalkRadio program, SAJA, sharing real-time news and information in an effort to make sense of the massacres that have left more than 150 people dead – 15 foreigners among them – and some 300 wounded.

One of the unknown terrorists responsible for the carnage. (Sky News)

One of the unknown terrorists.

After seizing hostages, a group identifying itself the “Deccan Mujahedeen” claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks on the upscale Taj Mahal and Trident hotels, and for bombings and shootings elsewhere in the West Coast city – which targeted U.S. and British citizens.

Sree, a professor of journalism at Columbia University in New York City, co-founder of the South Asian Journalists Association and a reporter for WNBC-TV in New York, is scheduled for another special 90-minute report today at 10 p.m. ET.

Among the guests will be Suketu Mehta, the author of Maximum City: Bombay Lost & Found.

Horrific aftermath at Mumbai’s Chattrapati Shivaji train station.

Horrific aftermath at Mumbai rail station.

Listeners with updates from Mumbai are encouraged to call the show at (347)324-5991 and share information with the South Asian community.

For SAJA’s complete coverage of the terrorist attacks, click here.


BlogTalkRadio on WNBC TV

WNBC’s technology reporter Sree Sreenivasan reviewed BlogTalkRadio during his Tech Report this morning on WNBC.

His entire review was posted on the WNBC.com site and the video can be seen below:


Immediately following his WNBC broadcast, Sreenivasan hosted a special interactive talk show entitled “Tech Chat with WNBC Viewers” on his own BlogTalkRadio show, Sree Tips, to discuss the BlogTalkRadio platform, as well as new and emerging technology trends. They had such a good response, they’ll be doing it again next Thursday, May 1 from 7-8am ET, as well. Join them live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sreetips/

This is the first use of BlogTalkRadio as an extension of a television news broadcast. BlogTalkRadio has been used as a discussion tool for major U.S. Newspaper articles with live interactive call-in shows between author, source and the larger community, but this is the first major television venture.

Sreenivasan, is the tech reporter for WNBC-TV, Dean of Student Affairs & professor at Columbia Journalism School and author of SreeTips.com and the New to Sree blog. Sree uses BlogTalkRadio with SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association; his SreeTips.com tech tips site; and, more recently, to extend the reach of the Columbia Journalism School.

Columbia University Taps into BlogTalkRadio with Virtual Open Houses

At BlogTalkRadio, we have long since believed that uses of our technology would benefit the university crowd. And today we can see this in action as Columbia University’s School of Journalism hosts virtual open houses for prospective and current students.

ColumbiaModerated by BlogTalkRadio host and dean of students, Sree Sreenivasan, the open houses provide a platform where current and prospective Columbia journalism students can learn about the NYC “J School” and ask questions about the program. From orientation to deadlines, students worldwide can jump geography and get answers they need in real time.

Today’s 10am ET episode features two back-to-back 30-minute chats with Dean Nicholas Lemann and Dean Evan Cornog, director of the Columbia Journalism School M.A. Program, who will answer questions and talk about the program.

Sree Sreenivasan is Dean of Students and runs the school’s new media department. He specializes in helping journalists use technology better and faster. His technology reports appear once a week on WNBC-TV (he was WABC-TV’s Tech Guru for six years) and he writes a weekly Web Tips column for Poynter.org.

Sree Sreenivasan welcomes BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy

“Sure, Alan created BlogTalkRadio and has his own show, but here’s our chance to put him and BlogTalkRadio under the microscope. Join me for a discussion about BlogTalkRadio, citizen broadcasting and much more.”

SreeThose words belong to Sree Sreenivasan, who puts Alan Levy in the hot seat to discuss BlogTalkRadio today at 4:30pm ET.

Sree is Dean of Student Affairs & professor at Columbia Journalism School; tech reporter for WNBC-TV; co-founder of South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA), which also has a show on BlogTalkRadio and author of SreeTips.com and the New to Sree blog.

South Asians and the 2008 Democratic Race

Hillary Clinton’s policy director, Neera Tanden and Obama’s national policy committee member, Preeta Bansal, join Sree Sreenivasan and The South Asians Journalist’s Association (SAJA) show on BlogTalkRadio.

clip_image001The South Asians Journalist’s Association (SAJA) will be joined by Neera Tanden, policy director for the Clinton campaign; former legislative director for Senator Clinton today at 3pm ET.

Also, Preeta Bansal, member of several Obama national policy committees & outreach teams; former Solicitor General of New York State; and a past lawyer in the Clinton White House and Justice Department.