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Lost Tony Bennett Interview: Pop Icon Recalls Shotgun-Toting Stalker—Who Might Still Be at Large

His heart may be in San Francisco, but Tony Bennett almost had his guts spilled all over Buffalo.

In a 1995 interview by Robin Milling—which has never before been made public in its entirety—the legendary crooner told our host of a homicidal stalker he encounter during the 1950s.


Because of him: "It's taught me to watch it for the rest of my life," Tony (above) said of being stalked by a psycho.

“When I first started, we had a tremendous scare that I’ve never really quite gotten over.

“I was up in Buffalo and there was a club owner there, Harry Altman, who owned the Town Casino,” Tony told Robin.

“He said, ‘There’s a whole stack of letters here and this man is threatening he’s going to kill you.’ He was a demented person who called me a communist one night or thought I stole his wife the second night.

“Each letter was more morbid than the last. He said, Continue reading