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Best of BTR: The Truth About Triple Negative Breast Cancer | 05.15.13


by Stupid Cancer Show in HEALTH

With breast cancer news topping the headlines, get the truth about Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), a misunderstood variant of the disease that affects up to 25,000 women annually.

Political writer & Activist Star parker on The Gosnell trial


At 3 minutes 15 seconds into the broadcast, nationally syndicated political columnist Star Parker weighs in on the Kermit Gosnell trial verdict, from her perspective as founder and president of the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education, a poverty-fighting nonprofit. 

Former nfl player’s urban answer to ‘entourage’

by Going Places Radio in ENTERTAINMENT

Pro-footballer-turned-director Matthew A. Cherry hopes to turn HBO’s Entourage on its head with his new Web series, Almost 30. “You always see an epic victory,” he says. “It would be so much funnier if you showed the struggle; stories from being young and trying to make it in LA.”

THE Google Glass controversy explored

by Working the Web to Win in TECHNOLOGY

The controversy about Google Glass is causing legislators to create bills to limit where and when it’s used. 8,000 people have paid $1,500 each to have access to the first commercially produced wearable computer. Learn about known hurdles, such as privacy, safety and liability issues.


by Family of a Vet in MILITARY

To honor Military Appreciation Month (and Armed Forces Day on May 18), hear a tribute to the women who have served or are currently serving in the military.

Programming Highlights; June 3, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:


mke-hollisAt 11 AM RapidDraft.com’s Fantasy Lunch host Brice Shatzer gets busy with Mike Hollis, former NFL placekicker who played for the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants. Mike will chat about his ProForm Kicking Academy, which is helping train the next batch of professional kickers.


marcobeltramiAt 5 PM 123 Film!’s Sam Heer goes one-on-one with two-time Oscar nominee Marco Beltrami, who has scored such hit flicks as The Hurt Locker, Scream 2 and Live Free or Die Hard.


sugarrayleonard1Also at 5 The Bottom Line Sports Show’s Gerald Brown kicks it with five-time world champ Sugar Ray Leonard. The International Boxing Hall of Famer—who was the first fighter ever to win more than $100 million—will discuss the current state of his sport, and the rise of the UFC.


paula-begoun7At 6 PM Beauty guru Paula Begoun, author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, discusses why sunlight is one of the biggest contributors to wrinkly, old-looking skin—and what you must do to stop the damage. She’ll also tackle the sunscreen-ingredients controversy.


star-parkerAlso at 6 PM Conservative Is Cool host Wayne Bradley gets up close and personal with Star Parker, founder of the Coalition for Urban Renewal & Education, who’s running for Congress against incumbent Laura Richardson in California’s 37th congressional district.


dr-sean-kenniffAt 7 PM Milk of Minutia sits down with Dr. Sean Kenniff from the Season 1 of the CBS reality series Survivor. The physician will chat about the sorry state of America’s economy, coping with overnight celebrity and the trauma of seeing Richard Hatch in the buff.


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