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Featured Host: Vicky Gorman of “Artist On Demand”


“Starting Artists on Demand for me was about spotlighting my favorite bands, some of which I felt didn’t get the attention they deserved” –Gorman

Vicky Gorman is a 23 year old entrepreneur and the brains behind Artists On Demand.

Artists on Demand Radio came about when Vicky Gorman brought the idea to start a talk radio show
to Nikki Moore, one of the shows other four managers. The inspiration behind it was that their favorite independent bands weren’t getting the recognition they deserved. They started inviting bands and musicians that needed an outlet to share their music and their stories. As they continued to grow, the listeners voiced the idea of having other forms of artists on the show. They now host shows that feature some of today’s hottest celebrities in categories including acting, dance, music, authors, directors, and producers.

For all of you vampire lovers out there, Artists on Demand has recently featured actors from “True Blood” and the latest in the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

“I’m very proud of what we have achieved with Artists on Demand. The team we currently have is giving their best and is really getting the show out there. The sky is the limit!”

When asked about their future goals for the show, Gorman shared “We want to take Artists on Demand to a bigger audience. We want people to recognize that we can bring them opportunities that most radio shows don’t. We enjoy giving the fans one to one time with their favorite celebrities.”

You can tune into Artists on Demand here.