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STanley cup playoffs: icy hot entertainment

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what iconic SINGER STEPHANIE MILLs says about today’s music


Beginning in the ’70s, singer Stephanie Mills established herself as a versatile powerhouse. Her live shows still draw captive audiences. She talks about her career and the state of the industry today.

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Joyful Paws Founder Barbara Techel learned valuable lessons from her wheelchair-bound dachshund, Frankie, and believes animals help us heal by teaching us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

OWN Host Lisa Ling, ‘The Birds’ Star Tippi Hedren, and Xscape Member Tameka Scott Today on BlogTalkRadio

lisa-ling5Lisa Ling: The former View host drops in on Tomorrow Will Be Televised host Simon Applebaum to chat about her new gig, as host of Our America on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Plus: Keith Beauchamp, executive producer of Investigation Discovery’s The Injustice Files.

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att-stephaniemillsStephanie Mills: The soul powerhouse never knew love like this before—when she met the late Michael Jackson in New York City in the ‘70s, that is. “I thought I was gonna marry Michael. I was so in love with Michael,” Stephanie tells The Mutha Knows Show host Mutha of her one-time Valentine.

sheril-kirshenbaumSheril Kirshenbaum: Hachette Book Group Features welcomes the author of The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips are Telling Us, which Publisher’s Weekly has called “fascinating.” Plus: Diana Kirschner, clinical psychologist and author of Sealing the Deal.

Stephanie Mills: I Did Michael Jackson’s Laundry (and He Used Tide)

“I was determined to be his girlfriend. He didn’t know it, but I was,” Stephanie (above) tells us.

“I was determined to be his girlfriend. He didn’t know it, but I was,” Stephanie (above) tells us.

Back in the day, Stephanie Mills wanted to be startin’ something with Michael Jackson – like easin’ on down the aisle.

Interviewed on Mutha Knows, the Never Knew Love Like This Before singer spills details of her trysting time with the King of Pop, while she was starring in The Wiz on Broadway.

“I thought I was gonna marry Michael. I was so in love with Michael,” Stephanie, now 52, tells host Mutha.

“This was during the time when he was doing The Wiz movie [in 1977], and before that. I knew Michael because he used to come to the show all the time and hang out backstage with me.

“Michael was really, really shy. But back then, I was aggressive.”

Stephanie did indeed get cozy with the Gloved One, so much so that she performed more than one wifely duty.

The way you make me feel: With you know who in the summer of ‘77.

The way you make me feel: With you know who in the summer of ‘77.

“When he had his place on Sutton Place [in Manhattan], I would spend the night and I would do his laundry.

“It was Tide. I should do a Tide commercial, huh?

“And I even cooked for him – even though I couldn’t cook. But you know what? Even as bad as it was, Michael was such a gentleman, he still ate it.”

To hear Stephanie’s full interview – including how Jermaine Jackson brought her to Motown – click here.