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Best of BTR: Will Rush Limbaugh Get the Hook? | 05.14.13

Will rush get the hook? discussing Limbaugh’s future

by Making Sense with Steve Leser in POLITICS

Get the latest on the most current events: Benghazi, the prospective cancellation of Rush Limbaugh‘s show and how Tesla is proving that a car running on sustainable energy can be both cool and profitable. 

‘Vampire diaries’ beauty grace phipps

by Variety Radio Online in TELEVISION

Actress Grace Phipps chats about The Vampire Diaries. Upon moving to LA, the born-and-raised Texan immediately landed a role in the Fright Night remake, then Amy on the cancelled series The Nine Lives of Chloe King

A whole load of Comedy & ‘Tastes like shrimp’ Cicadas

by The Dereck and Kay Show in COMEDY

The comedy duo of Dereck and Kay discuss Mother’s Day, the return of the cicadas, why the U.S. won’t allow certain cheese to enter the the country from France, plus Weird News of the Week.

exclusive Road stories from lady gaga’s violinist


Lady Gaga‘s violinist, Judy Kang, shares Monster’s Ball Tour stories and previews her self-titled album. She’s been featured on NPR, CBS News and in the New York Times. Interview starts at 8 minutes.

Get beach-ready: what You want in a personal trainer

by FitBody Radio in WEIGHT LOSS

Trainers Jami DeBernard and Brian Jagger share tips on questions to ask your next personal trainer, plus various certifications, average costs and more, so you don’t waste your time or money.

You’re Invited to Jason Collins’ Coming Out Party | 04.30.13

NBA’s jason Collins: ‘I’m Black. And I’m gay.’

by Hampton Blu Radio in BASKETBALL

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” Sharing those words during a Sports Illustrated interview, the Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins became the first openly gay male in a U.S. major sport. And at noon today (Tuesday), join Nicholas Snow for more on Collins’ courage, and call in with your comments!

pIERCE BROSNAN talks catharsis & his new leading lady

by Movie Geeks United in MOVIES

Pierce Brosnan (Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies) stars in Love Is All You Need, opening this week in NY and LA. Plus, a chat with directors of films loaded with Oscar-winners: Dante Ariola (Arthur Newman) and Justin Zackham (writer-director of The Big Wedding). Brosnan interview starts 21 minutes in.

Survivor stories: Special on genocide

by Making Sense with Steve Leser in POLITICS

A sobering chat with survivors and descendants of survivors of the Armenian, Cambodian, Rwandan Genocides and the Holocaust, plus strategies for improving the odds to make “Never Again” a reality.

Summerstage Concert series preview: Hip-Hop

by The NY Hip-Hop Report in HIP-HOP MUSIC

NYC’s SummerStage Concert Series will represent hip hop’s 40th anniversary in a major way, with Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and more. Get a preview of all the events!

Crowdfunding tips for your creative projects

by CandiXRandy in TECHNOLOGY

Got a creative project you’d love to pursue, but don’t have the funds? Hear how Emmy-winning writer Leslie Nipkow and Broadway veteran T. Oliver Reid used Kickstarter to fund their creative projects.