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Happy New Year!

As we ring out 2006 and ring in 2007 I have been looking back upon the past few months at BlogTalkRadio. When I first came onto BlogTalkRadio I was in awe of the platform, and for good reason. Here was a website that allowed people to have a voice on the internet in real time. A website that takes all of the work and expense out of podcasting and also adding a live element to each and every show. Listeners interacting with hosts via callins, hosts interviewing guests and being able to post these shows to their websites or blog, and the average joe being able to come onto BlogTalkRadio and host a live show about something they have always wanted to talk about.

I have gotten to know quite a few hosts on BlogTalkRadio and I must say it has been a pleasure dealing with every single one of them. I have gone out onto the web and read countless blogs and looked at countless websites, and contacted many people who I feel BlogTalkRadio would be a good compliment to their website or blog, “You” as Time Magazine calls you, have seen the utility on BlogTalkRadio and come on and created a show that has flourished and become something quite special. That my friends at the end of the day is what keeps me going.

Here are a few examples of these:

Shawn Collins from The Affiliate Summit and Lisa Picarille from Revenue News Magazine have created The Affiliate Thing. Shawn and Lisa have had on guests such as Lily Shen from Ebay, and the Infamous Mr X. Jim Kukral from ReveNews who is a marketing marvel has created the show Free Marketing Idea’s, Jim is not only a wealth of internet marketing knowledge he a super nice guy, and it was a pleasure bringing him onto BlogTalkRadio. Scott Baradell from Idea Grove hosts Media Orchard Live. I will forever get a smile on my face every time I think back to the night Scott had Steve Rubel on, the banter that ensued that night was something to behold, and then of course his interview with Rachal Sklar from The Huffington Post.

While I am on these types of show’s I of course have to mention Wayne Hurlbert, Wayne has been with BlogTalkRadio since the beginning and Wayne has stuck with the tried and true methods of being a successful BlogTalkRadio host by following a simple format that we give you the hosts the tools to do, Wayne uses his BlogTalkRadio buttons on his blog, his embedded media player, and then of course he implements the one thing that I always push and that is consistency, Wayne never misses a week and always has a very informative show with some pretty awesome guests.

The political platform is really picking up speed as we zoom into 2007, Pamela from the popular blog Atlas Shrugs will always leave you wanting to hear more, as she is as opinionated as she is funny. Lets not leave out her blogging partner on The Infidel Blog Pastorious who hosts the show “The Infidel Show“, who is one of the few people I have heard that can keep up with Pamela’s endless energy on the air.

We are also very proud to be bringing on Taylor Marsh from TaylorMarsh.com who did her very first show before the holidays, Taylor Marsh is a radio talk show host, blog reporter, and author. Taylor has a long political resume under her belt and was even John Kerry’s web stratagist for PAC.

But that isn’t all Taylor talks about, Taylor can also be found talking about social issues that effect our world today. We are very excited to have Taylor on BlogTalkRadio and look forward to her show on Fridays at 3 pm.

Then we have some of our earliest and successful hosts, Idalyze Nahisha Rose, the funny husband and wife team of Baker Media, and Michael Bell “Celebrity Artist To The Stars”.

With all of that plus too much more to mention in 2006, the mind boggles to think what 2007 will bring to BlogTalkRadio.

Happy New Year everyone at BlogTalkRadio and thanks for making my 2006 so much fun, I cant wait till 2007, can you?

Amy Domestico

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The Power Hour with Scott and Steve!

If I had a top 3 of favorite nights on BlogTalkRadio, last night would be number 1. Maybe Im a little biased with a long marketing background but, Scott Baradell from Idea Grove and the popular blog Media Orchard hosted his show last night with a very special guest, Steve Rubel from Edelman one of the most successful PR firms in the US.

Scott and Steve both have a chemistry together that kept you riveted to the show. There were moments
of serious talk, and then the hilarity of banter regarding competition, and so on. Then the calls started coming in and the conversation was informative and captivating to say the least.

This was Scott’s line up of conversation:
1. Why Jimmy Wales, Second Lifers and others don’t like PR people.
2. Why Edelman has taken so much grief over the past few months.
3. Whether telling chicks in bars that you’re the “original PR doyen” is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
4. Whatever YOU want to talk about.

When the show was over everyone who I talked to said, they could have listened to them for another 10 hours. Poor Scott and Steve though did need to get some sleep, after all to be as successful as they are they do need their rest. I will now direct you to Scott’s Blog as he will be able to describe more in-depth of what transpired over that almost 90 minute show we at BlogTalkRadio were thrilled to be able to provide our listeners.

Click here for Scott’s blog

Click here for the show

Amy Domestico

Programming Manager

Steve Rubel on Blogtalkradio

On Thursday evening at 9:00pm EST, Steve Rubel, noted blogger and PR executive will be a guest of popular PR blogger and BTR host Scott Baradell. Scott and Steve will be disussing current PR issues in the blogosphere. All the details on the live show Thursday night can be found here.

As we approach the ripe old age of 4 months, we continue to be excited as to where we have been and where we are going. Last week, the 1000th host registered to become our newest “citizen broadcaster”. All the metrics are growing nicely in terms of downloads, views, visits, hits etc, but the feedback i most enjoy has nothing to do with metrics.

The overwhelming response to Blogtalkradio has been positve. By this I refer to the users of BTR, the hosts and listeners. There are so many useful applications for this new medium and we look forward to continuing to enhance the experience for all.

Once again, thanks for helping us build this new medium, the first social radio network.

See you “on-air”