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Trish Suhr: Cut Your Kids’ Clutter Loose!

Do not get Trish Suhr started on the subject of keeping your grown offspring’s junk around after they’ve bid the abode adios.

But if you do, expect an amusing earful from the host of the Style Network’s Clean House.


Suhr thing: Send it packing, Trish (above) advises parents.

Interviewed on The FlyLady Show, Trish – who’s equally well-known as the Yard Sale Diva – says tough love’s the only way to handle this stickly situation.

“I get asked by a lot of parents, ‘When can I make my kids come get their stuff?’ – when they have grown children that have moved out,” she tells host Marla Cilley.

“And I’m like, ‘Honey, they have a mortgage, they can carry their stuff around. That’s the bottom line.

You don’t have to be carryin’ around that stuff. That’s crazy talk.

“They go, ‘Well, I just feel bad,’” continues the Kentucky native, 35, show also performs in the all- female comedy review, Pretty Funny Women, and has been featured in such flicks as The Quick and the Dead and Spiral.

“And I’m like, ‘Well, you just asked me. If you want me to tell you the truth, I’ve got everything that I need. My moma doesn’t carry around nothing’ of mine anymore.’

“If your kids have their own life, in the sense they have a family, you don’t need to be carryin’ around no Michael Jordan poster. Let them come get it.

“If they got their sneakers from the junior year of high school because the won a game in’em and they’re that important, then let them come get’em.”

To hear Trish’s full interview, in which she also offers advice on keeping young’uns’ “refrigerator art” from proliferating, click here.

Clean House airs Wednesdays @ 10 p.m. ET.